HOW TO - Make faux sea glass Part 11

Hulbert, OK(Zone 7a)

A wonderful group of many people have contributed to this idea-filled thread
about making treasures from broken or cut glass bits, started in 2007.

Coming from our last thread:

Hope you will enjoy!


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Seattle, WA

Karen, that last thread was so long, I couldn't read it all. I'm sure it said somewhere in there NOT to dump your slurry down the drain when rinsing the glass or crockery bits. Just a reminder for those who don't want to see the plumber any time soon! I was curious about the reason for putting Vaseline on the outside of the barrel. My husband gave me a tumbler several years ago, but it seemed to amateur, as well as complicated, for me. Now I don't know if we still have it or not. Rats! Maybe I'll just avoid this obsession and do some simple beach combing for the real thing.....

Dahlonega, GA

I'm here too !

(Bev) Wytheville, VA(Zone 6a)

I'm here too, and having a ball with my new faux sea glass and the little bit of tiny shiny tumbled blue glass!! Time to bust up something else!

Thanks again y'all!

Dahlonega, GA

Budweiser came out with beer in a blue bottle . I buy it and offer a bottle to friends that drink beer, when they stop by .

(Bev) Wytheville, VA(Zone 6a)

The blue Budweiser beer bottles are the ones I just tumbled, too. They're a sparkly dark blue if tumbled in water with a drop of dish soap for 1 day, and a dark opaque blue finished if tumbled with coarse sand for 4 days.

The neck and bottom pieces are thicker than the rest and retained their original molded imprints (letters, numbers, dots, screw rings...) through the resulting frosted surface.

The small bits of shiny glass look harmful, but none seem to be sharp. Next time I'll try 2 days to see what happens.

The tiny, narrow, pointy shards were rendered harmless after sand tumbling and now can be used as "teeth or claws" in projects.

Each piece has unique qualities making my mind crazy with possible uses! I'm super excited about the results.

Sorry the pieces are not more defined, the camera focused on the containers and not the glass.

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Dahlonega, GA

Thanks , Bev . After another six pack or so , for more blue in my bottle tree , I'll start saving them for shards . Your's look good .

(Bev) Wytheville, VA(Zone 6a)

Thanks digger. My son brought home the blue beer bottles because they were so pretty. He said, "I don't know what you could do with mom..." After I cleaned them up, I got my hammer out, and he nearly had a heart attack, lol!

(Bev) Wytheville, VA(Zone 6a)

Have any of you heard of "fried marbles" (using the clear floral ones)? They're not fried, but baked in the oven (500* for 20 min), then dropped into a bucket of ice water which makes them shatter inside. They can be used as "crystals" for necklaces, but I use them as miniature crystal balls or gazing balls for miniatures. A small percentage of the marbles will break into pieces, so I tumbled the broken chunks with my blue bottle shards and they're beauties too!

My apologizes if I missed a previous post about the marbles!

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Dahlonega, GA

These kids just don't understand "art " . Keep after him tho , because he shows promise . LOL

(Pegi) Norwalk, CA(Zone 10b)

My tumbler has been idle for way too long. In fact, I don't know where DH put the tumbler. Those blue bottles are so pretty,

(Bev) Wytheville, VA(Zone 6a)

digger, he rarely comments on my crazy recyclable hoarding, and is sometimes amazed at what can be produced from them. So he's watching and hopefully learning!

Dahlonega, GA

Smart boy !

Hulbert, OK(Zone 7a)

Hubby tried the blue Bud just for me, but after he finished the six pack, he
said "I'm sorry, honey, I just can't do it."

Dahlonega, GA

Yeah , I haven't found anyone that likes it , I don't care for beer , DH might drink one on a hot day, prefers hiballs . I offer them to friends that stop by but I'm running outta friends that haven't already tried them . LOL Hope they don't pull them off the market before I get a bunch of bottles .

(Bev) Wytheville, VA(Zone 6a)

I didn't like the taste of the blue Bud beer either, but willing to collect the empties from those who do, lol. I wonder if the bars will save bottles for you?

(Bev) Wytheville, VA(Zone 6a)

A warning to other newbies: One should NOT use just any old oil on rock tumbler parts! I grabbed some cooking oil in a rush (couldn't find the 3-in-1 oil) and it eventually locked up the bearings which in turn broke the belt. I thought my little tumbler was toast! It took my DH over an hour to clean it up, lubricate with the proper oil, and replace the belt. I'm back in business after learning a hard lesson!

Englewood, FL

Confucius say " mineral oil for machinery, cooking oil for cooking" old Chinese proverb. {;o)
I glad your DH could clean it up.

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(Bev) Wytheville, VA(Zone 6a)

That's close to what DH said too, lol. The bad part was I knew better! I just got in a hurry then forgot until the lil fella went on strike! The guys gave me my own can of oil which is now stationed permanently beside the tumbler.

Valley Center, CA

I am very confused...the instructions in the dual drum rock tumbler I bought today from Harbor Freight says specifically NOT to use sand. Where do I buy the grit I need for tumbling glass. And which grit do i need. The instructions are not for glass. That is all I plan to use it for after reading about all the fun you are all having! Thanks so much!

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Port Macquarie, Australia

Accidently posted in the wrong thread (old version of this one). I'll repost here.

"Hi everyone. :) Don't know if anyone's still checking this thread, but I've just started tumbling. Cheap tumblers are hard to come by where I am (don't even think anywhere nearby sells them) so I'm having a go at shaking a tupperware container full of glass and sand by hand. I'm guessing it's gonna be an excellent arm workout lol. I'm up to two hours of shaking so far. Expecting it to take about 50-100 hours, so I hope it looks good by the end of it. XD

At the moment I'm tumbling some glass that I found on a beach which has only just had the sharp edges taken off. I'm hoping to get a more frosted look to make some sea glass style jewellery. "

Reply by Digger on the old thread:
"Absynthe , I would think the glass would be much more desirable if used as found .
What do the tumblers cost there , and couldn't you order online ? Glass is harder than tupperware , wonder how many tupperware you will wear out ."

Actually, the tupperware is just until I empty out the Milo tin I bought the other day. The metal should hold up a little better than plastic and it's a good way to reuse it. I've heard of people making their own tumblers using coffee tins for the barrels. I'm hoping a friend of mine can help me set up a makeshift tumbler with that.
Also, the glass I found on the beach isn't really even sea glass yet - just smashed beer bottles that have hardly even been smoothed enough to not be sharp. I wouldn't retumble anything that I thought was old or rare.
As for ordering online, I've been a bit put off by the mention of belt breakage of HF tumblers and any others I've seen are over $100. Not a purchase I'm quite ready to make at that price.

Dahlonega, GA

Here I am again ..
Don't know about the H F , I don't have one of those , but the ones that do can advise you . I think you can order extra belts and get a good supply stocked up to last you awhile . They can also tell you about how long the belt will last . I have a feeling some have lasted a very long time .

Port Macquarie, Australia

True, but it seems a bit of a lucky dip on belt life and I can't even check overseas postage without calling someone at HF. I think I'll try and get one of my mechanically minded friends to help build one (and hope it doesn't explode XD).

Oakwood (Butler,TX), TX(Zone 8b)

My kids don't like the Blue Bud either .. mostly because its 7% and it only takes a few to be over to limit

mulege, Mexico

There is a vacumn cleaner belt that fits my tumbler. A DG friend has sent them to me here, (Thanks, Cheryl) kb

(Bev) Wytheville, VA(Zone 6a)

I received a box and a bag full of blue bottles from our local recycle center. Most were the Bud Platinum beer bottles, but a few were wine and liqueur bottles (I'm so excited)! One was the most beautiful shade of light turquoise I'd ever seen, "Bombay Sapphire" dry gin. It had info and graphics etched down two sides that are not tumbling out as I had expected. I think it might be interesting to discover tumbled shards with a little muted text.

Has anyone else tumbled glass with etchings? How did it work out for you?

Herndon, VA(Zone 6b)

Hello folks,
I stumbled across these threads trying to find a bit of sea glass to buy... a link poped up and I followed it here! :)

Y'all seem to enjoy doing a lot of the things I do IE taking random junk and finding a use for it =D
DH thinks I'm crazy and a bit of a hoarder, lol.

Anyhow I'm Cicca and I'm looking forward to reading from you guys.

Oh and since I can't seem to find it anywhere is there a "market" where you guys sell your stuff? I'm looking for a pendant sized piece of seaglass in a light blue (1ish x 1ish) to finish a special project for my MIL as her Diwali gift.


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mulege, Mexico

Welcome, Cicca. We are always glad to welcome newcomers, especially if they are a little crrazy and hoarders, too. I tumble most of my glass but someone else might contact you by D-mail if they have what you'r looking for. I have lots of cobalt blue bottles and tumbled pieces of cobalt blue glass if you want/need any of that. hugs, katie

Englewood, FL

Hi cicca,the stuff I don't keep or get coned out of by a family member I take to a church operated consignment shop, that way we both win. >>>>>>>John

Herndon, VA(Zone 6b)

Would you be able to send it to the states???
Thanks for the warm welcome guys, I mosty putter 'round with my plants but I do enjoy crafting from time to time.
However, I'm ADD or something because I get half done and find something else that NEEDS doing... I have so many half done things laying about atm that it is driving me crazy. =)

mulege, Mexico

I have sent boxes of glass to people when I'm in Ca. If I am enough recovered from knee surgery I may be in Ca. in November. If you want a pendant sized piece I might be able to get it mailed by a friend who is going north. LMK what you want. kb

Newark, DE

Welcome Cicca,

I too recently stumbled on this site and spent days reading all the posts. I enjoy crafts and have way too much "stuff" at my house. Guess that comes with crafters. I have found even more projects here I want to get into. ^_^

I hope you feel welcome and share your projects here too.


Oakwood (Butler,TX), TX(Zone 8b)

Welcome to all the new Tumblers
heres what I have been up to tumbled with dish soap to keep it clear but smooth im going to use it around the tub between the tile & in the shower

Thumbnail by denimangle Thumbnail by denimangle
Dahlonega, GA

I've been hoping you would keep posting . It looks sooooooo good .

(Bev) Wytheville, VA(Zone 6a)

Awesome! Looks like a LOT of work though!!

Oakwood (Butler,TX), TX(Zone 8b)

Digger I been having a really hard time opening threads here on Daves much less posting or adding pictures .been rying for Days :( thanks Bev. no more work then doing regular tile .. wait till you see what Im going to do in the kitchen ...

(Bev) Wytheville, VA(Zone 6a)

I can't wait to see your kitchen venture, I just hate cliff-hangers, LOL!

I have intermittent problems here on DG, too, and figured it was my old slow computer.

Dahlonega, GA

My puter has been behaving good lately . It's still a pain to try to post pictures and load them on this Windows 7 . I liked the XP much better .
Denim , we came around I-20 this last time but came down Hwy 59 instead of cutting over to Waco . I'm hoping to go by my sons place in Liberty Hill next April and will touch base with you to see if you're available to show off your home . O K ? Been wanting to do this for how long ? 2 years ? I just love the way you're re purposing . What a vision you have for the artful !

Oakwood (Butler,TX), TX(Zone 8b)

It was 3 years in June that we started the house Sure hope it finished by then :)
Ordered the kitchen & office cabinets this week should be in the first week of Dec . then We can pour the counters & do the penny backsplash
all the counters will look like these .
( im in town using hispeed ... can load pictures )

Thumbnail by denimangle Thumbnail by denimangle
(Bev) Wytheville, VA(Zone 6a)

Love it!!

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