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Do crickets do any damage to veg's?

Burgaw, NC(Zone 8a)

I mulched most rows and bare ground heavily with wheat straw and it has done a great job keeping grass and weeds very manageable, but it's FULL of crickets. I am having some problems with my sweet peppers, cukes and ambosias, but can't see any specific bugs to account for it (except crickets in the mulch). The stink bugs haven't been as bad as I worried about, but there have been a few, so far. The extreem heat and blazing sun are probably the reason for the scalded spots on the peppers. But I've found crickets in holes in some rather over ripe ambrosia melons.

Talihina, OK

From what I have read on the subject they can and do some harm to very young plants but for the most part they are Carniverous and cannabalistic which kinda makes sence as i have a storage shed wher I keep gardening supplies as well as dog food and bird feed and there is a lot of crickets there but no ANTS and that is the only place where there is dog food and no ANTS

Monte Vista, CO(Zone 4a)

Crickets, too, are great watch dogs. They stop chirping when there's something or someone around.

Magnolia, TX(Zone 8b)

Do you see any other bugs around at all? Too many crickets can be a bad thing, tho usually if there is hiding for crickets, there is hiding for tilt poly pillbugs- and those can eat your garden down to the bare veins, not sure, but if there is no cricket food, they will eat veggies too- not just hide in them,

Liberty Hill, TX(Zone 8a)

I have found crickets in the house eating my plants. They can be very distractive. They will eat just about anything. Including each other.

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