Spider Identification

Monte Sereno, CA


I just found this spider yesterday in my backward and was about to walk right into it before I saw it with my flashlight. I looked closer and I think it might be a dangerous spider. Sorry for the bad quality, Thanks.

From, Justin

Thumbnail by jusitn
Minot, ND

Cannot i.d. from this image.

Monte Sereno, CA

It has some red mark on its back if you cannot see clearly. Sorry for the poor quality image

Minot, ND

Did it look like this? http://www.biosurvey.ou.edu/okwild/misc/amspider.html
If so, harmless.

Monte Sereno, CA

Nope, I remember that the back was more of a bright red than orange.

Minot, ND

The pattern is more important than the color, which can be variable...

Monte Sereno, CA

It's two red triangles facing each other from the point kind of like one of those sand timer things

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