Irene Nuss

(Zone 9a)

Poor Irene, she has had such heavy flower heads they pulled her branches down. Is this typical or should I be doing something to help out.

Thumbnail by ardesia
Rochester, NY(Zone 5b)

My Irene has just started blooming and the flowers are going to be huge, however, mine is much taller than yours with a couple of strong stems ( a wonderful gift from a begonia friend). Even though that is the case, I almost slipped a stake in the pot today to support it. I am concerned that a rain (if we ever have any) may bend even my much thicker stem. I would support however you can and protect it from heavy rains. Even so, it is hard to find fault with such a beautiful begonia!

(Zone 9a)

Thanks, I will do that, it was such a gorgeous plant, that is a 10" pot it is in. We haven't had any rain in (too) many weeks but the humidity has been terrible because it is raining all around us. I think the plants feel like I do, we are all getting the vapors.

I'l be sure to stake it this morning, that would show off those flowers better also. Thanks again.

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