Best Birds of the Southwest Desert books?

Corona de Tucson, AZ

I'm new to DG, and new to Arizona. Do you have any suggestions on the best books for ID'ing birds of the southwest desert? Thanks!

(Zone 5a)

Welcome to the forum. :) I saw this post earlier, but hoped someone from your area would have popped up with an answer. I have the Stokes' North American Bird Guide; it's pretty thick as it includes all of NA rather than just a region. We keep this one in the car, so it's handy.

If you want a state specific guide, you could try Stan Tekiela's Birds of Arizona. It will not include all of Arizona's birds, though. His book for Iowa was the first guide I actually made use of; the Sibley's I had at the time was overwhelming because I didn't know a warbler from a sparrow. I would recommend it for a beginner, but I do not know how advanced you are.

Maybe someone else here can help you a little better.

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