How would you prune this pieris?

Wakefield, MA

My mother-in-law has a pieris in front of her door that is outgrowing its space. It has had an attractive natural shape but now is getting a bit gangly-looking. I think she would prefer for it to keep a natural shape as opposed to shearing it into a ball. Looking at it, the leaves are smaller than some pieris but larger than the dwarf varieties, so I would say it is a semi-dwarf variety. It has not outgrown its space for probably about 20 years. Any ideas for the best way to prune to keep its natural shape? She is open to replanting, but of course pruning would be easier. How would you prune this?

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Beautiful, BC(Zone 8b)

I'd also top-dress with peat mix and some slow-release fertilizer for Rhodos.

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Wakefield, MA

Thank-you! I've sent your picture on to my mother-in-law. Thanks so much. Regards.

Beautiful, BC(Zone 8b)

Hopefully the red marks make sense. Just follow the golden rules of pruning - no more than 1/3 removed, start with D,D&D (Dead, Diseased & Damaged), 1/8" from the collar or the next stem on 90 degree angles with clean pruners. Hopefully it works. Add an "after" pic when she's done.

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