SOLVED: Elm Tree?

East Bridgewater, MA

This was seen in Massachusetts near the Concord River. I thought it might be a type of Elm tree, but go easy on me if I'm way off. :)


Thumbnail by neefman Thumbnail by neefman Thumbnail by neefman Thumbnail by neefman
Charlotte, NC(Zone 8a)

No, you're right on! Looks like an Elm indeed.
There are just a couple likely species -- are the leaves smooth to the touch on top or scratchy?

Barling, AR(Zone 7b)

Looks like Slippery elm to me since the leaves narrow quickly to a needle like point at the end.

Charlotte, NC(Zone 8a)

Despite the name, "Slippery" Elm leaves are scratchy to the touch (on top) while American Elm feels smooth and slippery!

East Bridgewater, MA

I wish I could remember the feel of the leaves. Unfortunately this is almost an hour away from my house.

I'll call it the Slippery Elm because of the needle point and also I don't have that on my tree list yet. :)


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