Will they ever ripen?

Sonoma County, CA(Zone 8b)

I've been watching my green tomatoes for what seems like forever! Well, really just a month or so, but even the Yellow pears are just dangling greenies. The plants are huge monsters, practically crawling out of the garden. More and more flowers are bursting out. Does it sound like too much nitrogen? This was the first time I added compost to the raised beds, which were dormant for 3 years.

All the tomatoes are setting fruit, just not ripening: Persimmon, San Francisco Fog, Black Plum, Yellow Pear, Sweet 100, Isis Candy, Purple Cherokee.

We had some late rains, and it's hot to me, but maybe not the plants.

Salem, NY(Zone 4b)

Too much N can inhibit blossom formation and fruit set, but not ripening and you say blossoms are still forming.

To me, it sounds like a case of:

Patience is a virtue
Find it if you can
You'll find it in a woman
But seldom in a man.

( and one can reverse the woman and man as the situation demands, LOL)

And that would be Cherokee Purple, not the reverse. It was Seeds by Design in CA, a wholesale place, that sent out seeds with the reversed name of Purple Cherokee, but my best tomato friend, Craig LeHoullier was the one who named it, seeds from John Green of TN and he named it Cherokee Purple. ( smile)


Sonoma County, CA(Zone 8b)

Thanks for your wise words. I think the combination of me being 3 years out of practice with gardening, and the repeated inquiries of my toddler rubbing off on me in the lack of patience department is making it seem like it's longer than it's been.

These are pictures of what is taunting me:
1. Yellow Pear that is HUGE and looks like it's about to explode.
2. San Francisco Fog which has been sitting here for my foggy mornings.
3. Sweet 100's lining up, mocking me
4. Cherokee Purple is getting bigger and bigger
5. Turn your head, but this is a picture of just FOUR plants. They are stepping out of the raised beds and are each at least 6 feet tall.

Thumbnail by mimitho Thumbnail by mimitho Thumbnail by mimitho Thumbnail by mimitho Thumbnail by mimitho
North Shore of L. I., NY(Zone 6b)

Your tomatoes look great! Really it can seem like forever for those first fruits to get ripe enough to pick. I watched my green tomatoes each day until I finially started getting ripe ones and I still watch them everyday. Patience, patience.

La Center, WA

Stop watering and the tomatoes will ripen.

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