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Mount Dora, FL(Zone 9a)

I learned the hard way that all I needed to add to my sand (called soil) is mushroom compose. No more black cow, sphagnum moss, etc. All plants, potted or in-ground get 2/3 sand 1/3 mushroom compose. Mush. Comp. added couple times during the season too. That's what they'll have when transplanted into the ground.
So my question is can you start Irises off in pots and transplant later? What is later? Before a cold snap or before spring? While I'm on a roll, do irises require a dormant period?
Do irises require any of the "special" fertilizers? One was 5-50-10 which just blew me away. I ASSUME a force bloomer ????

Having my Irises thrive in Florida is my main concern.

One more thing. Sun. When everyone else says sun for at least six hours, my hardiest plants are wilting. Where I intend to put my Irises will have sun from rise till 4-5 p.m. If it didn't rain that day, I have to water. By day two, plants are in rough shape, and day three their dead.

Thanks everyone in advance.

South Hamilton, MA

I think that irises can be difficult in FL. The low nitrogen fertilizer is a good idea. Otherwise it will be all leaves. Look for for the American Iris Society. Follow 'links' for Florida. Someone there could tell you more about working in your climate.

South Hamilton, MA

ok Fl is in region 5. The RVP of the region lists e-mail as waynecjr&

He would answer questions & perhaps can find a local iris club in FL

Cocoa Beach, FL(Zone 10a)

I tried TB irises in Cocoa Beach and had bloom only once. The first season after bringing from NY. I have since moved on to Walking iris, yellow and white, and the large bloom white (African) irises that I bought at Rockledge Gardens. The winters just aren't cold enough, long enough. Good luck with your experiments.

South Hamilton, MA

Try something like Iris japonica.

Hannibal, NY(Zone 6a)

Just wanted to comment on the mushroom compost, it would be good for bearded irises, but they add lime to it, so watch out for any plant that likes acidic conditions. Don't use it on them! :)

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