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Planting fall 'broccoli' in zone 6a Indianapolis area

Pilot Point, TX(Zone 7b)

I live in TEXAS but my SIL in Indiana wants to try some fall broccoli at my encouragement.

Anyone here that lives in zone 6a grow fall broccoli --??-- Do you start from seeds indoors... if so when..??.. Or do you just go for the transplants..??.. and if so when do you plant outdoors..??..

I'm presuming that growing broccoli in this zone requires the hoops and plastic covering for the frosts and snow. True..??..

Waddy, KY

Transplants in central KY need to go in the ground now. I'd think hers would be too. If she wanted to go with seed she probably should have started it around the first of June or at least by the first of July.

If she hasn't harvested it by a heavy frost she probably should cover it later on, yes. In some cases I'd think a light row cover would work.

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