TEA ROOM # 111

Merino, Australia

Here we are moved again
we came form here

I am thinking spring thoughts now so enjoy the walk under the cherry blossoms.
Its cold and wet in the real world here . Very windy during the night. I will not be doing anything outside today.
There are bright yellow daffies popping out all over the garden which gives it a happy look.

I am going to sit near the heater again with my book and enjoy a good read.
My shoulder is feeling much better because I have been careful in what I do.

I hope all those with any pain are feeling better soon.
Take care and stay safe.
I think maybe I'll take a virtual walk and enjoy the blossoms before I settle with my book.
Happy day .

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barmera, Australia

Good morning everyone. I'm getting better everyday. Slowly, slowly. The sun is shining here this morning and looks like a lovely day ahead. Might grab a book and sit in the sun. Everyone have a great day. Colleen

Christchurch, New Zealand

I wonder if Copper decided to give himself a birthday treat since I forgot all about the date yesterday.
It his 14th birthday & for an old dog he can move pretty fast!
One thing about the new curtains & carpet is that the house is warmer & with it going down to -2C in the morning we are grateful for that.

Hornell, NY(Zone 5a)

We did get a really wet thunderstorm here last night that cut the temperature, a bit more comfortable now. The humid air has been so heavy seems like you could cut it with a pastry knife. It's been so hot even my cacti are in bloom.


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Clifton Springs, Australia

The magnolias are in flower here, even the "Merrill'', moon......it must have been in a good mood.

Colleen, good to see that you are improving, it's a slow process isn't it.
Anthony, my Green 'n' Gold daffies are in flower....I need to feed them up for next year, the flower is a bit small...any suggestions?
A belated birthday wish for Copper, Teresa.....glad that things are back to normal for you.

Can't stand high humidity, Al...hope it stays cool for a while for you....
Chookie the Palace looks great, has the gentleman (rooster) arrived yet?

Pretty walk, Jean...a bit too cold to stroll along there yet....
Here's a Vireya that loves this weather..

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Barnesville (Charle, GA(Zone 8b)

Tomato Pie
1 pre made or home made pie crust
˝ sweet onion, sliced
3-4 tomatoes cored and sliced
1 cup mayonnaise
1 c. cheddar cheese
1tsp. Italian herbs
1 cup shredded mozzarella
Salt and Pepper
Preheat oven to 350 degrees
Put crust in plant
Arrange onion in bottom of plate from edge to center.
Tomatoes are placed in same way. Completely covering bottom of plate.
Salt and pepper
Combine May, cheddar cheese and seasoning in small bowl…
Mix well and spoon over tomatoes to within 1 inch from edge of pie crust.
(This is pretty thick, I ended up putting it on by hand) You want to see edge of tomatoes.
Layer Mozzarella over top of all to edge.
I baked it for 30 min at 350 degrees….

Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

Maybe the Merrill just needed a little encouragement, Dianne...grin I almost envy you guys stepping into spring....such a lovey time in the garden.

Thanks for the recipe Charleen....sure looked tasty. Only thing we would change would be Plain yoghurt for the Mayo...DH is "allergic" (his words) to mayo.

Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone.
B**** freezing here again. Yesterday was wet all day and today is looking like more of the same.
It is winter , so I should be used to it.
I just hate being cold all the time even if the garden needs a bit of hibernation.
Perhaps humans should hibernate too.....lol

Hello Dianne, go for that walk. Remember its always beautiful weather at the Tea Room.
I love seeing all the blossom in spring. I would really like to see all the cherry blossom in China and Japan.

Charleen, your recipe sounds delicious.
I havent had an oven for years but may try it in my small toaster oven which does a good job with baking.
I hardly ever used the large oven when it was working.
I am a microwave and grill fan.
We have a kitchen of gadgets. Microwave, toaster oven , slow cooker, rice cooker, electric frypan.
My two favorites , the wok and my George Foreman grill.

Hello Sue, Colleen, Karen, Teresa and Anthony.

Dianne, I hope you are keeping warm there. Hubbys friend always says its warmer near the ocean.

Al, very pretty cacti.
I could send you some cold weather but I am sure you get enough of your own in winter.

I am off outside to get a bit of trimming done along the paths. ( I can do it one handed as the shoulder is still very painful )
My feet get very wet when all the plants are reaching out to hug me with wet arms.
I want to get it done before the rain gets here again.

I hope you are all feeling so much better and enjoying your gardens.

Here something delicious for morning tea...... Apple and Blueberry Shortcake.

Stay safe everyone .

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Brisbane, Australia

That recipe looks as good as the picture, Charleen. Have copied it out and will make it up over the weekend. Thank you.

Hello everyone. In a bit of a rush as I overslept again this morning. Just too cold to get out of bed these mornings. Looks nice outside though.

Happy days.

Camperdown, Australia

Hi Everyone,Almost got lost again .

Yes Dianne the rooster and two little friends arrived yesterday - poor thing has been living alone in a tiny shed with no light, no green and no sun, and even the hens which were separated from him ( they didn't want the "hassle' of chickens!!!) were kept in a no sun shed poor things.
I am keeping them in the shed for a few days until they relax a bit- they haven't been handled at all and are very flighty. The two hens appear to be bantams but crosses Langshan maybe? - maybe from the rooster.One is black and one has a nice speckled collar of red brown on her black feathers.Have to name them all now.Poor rooster lost his tail feathers when the man tried to grab him by it ( duh!) but they will grow back in Spring I think. No pics yet as it was late when I settled them in- will wait until they are used to me a bit. The pen will look heaps nicer when I paint it but will wait for Spring and better weather for that.

Al, you suspect right - we are not allowed to import seeds that are on a no import list from customs - they are very strict and it is not worth the risk of a hefty fine.I know some do it, but I find it not worth the risk either in fines or to our ecology here, as we have we have about 200+ tomato varieties available here in Australia through various local seed catalog /companies anyway. Collectors can get permits to import if they go to the trouble of filling out a million forms .LOL
Diggers Seeds have a huge list of heritage tomatoes.

Today is so grey overcast and wet it looks like an inside day with the catalogs today. Will plan my Spring plantings I think. I did harvest some onions, broccoli and new potatoes for dinner last night. Broad beans are in full flower - no beans yet though.I do eat the tops in stir frys once they are in flower.It pushes the beans along to pinch out the tops and they are quite edible.

I had a disaster with my new mandarin tree too - was putting up a trellis to grow a vine over and when I went to get the hammer it fell on the little mandarin and broke the main branch at the graft- I have taped it up and added some rooting compound to help it heal itself, so am crossing my fingers it survives. I am mad at myself though.

Still have to plant another peach and an orange then I think I have all my main fruit trees.I did plant two peaches last year but neither survived - their roots had been cut back too hard at the nursery I think.Of course they deny that, but when I pulled one up it hadn't any feeder roots at all just the cut short main ones that hadn't grown at all, and the other fruit trees I brought at the same time took well.

Wishing everyone a good weekend doing some nice things in Nature's garden.

rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

Dianne, I lifted all my daffs this year and repotted them in about april,.,.even the miniatures are going great guns,.,all i used was the 'Brunnings NPK mix and a top dress with sheep manure,.,.I know some of the X-treme daffodillers here, make up a mix with about a dozen ingredients,.,.none are too keen to share the recipe!!!-Anthony

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Clifton Springs, Australia

Thanks Anthony, I'll repot them all in Autumn as you did.....

Nice looking pie Charleen....have to try that..
You might be right moon, I encouraged it alright, by planting 2 Weigela next to it, so it was either grow or smother...it grew..lol
That poor dear rooster, Sue....he has no idea what a great home he has come to...

I took the walk, Jean and feel much better for it.....be very careful with that shoulder, I think that Ray has pulled a tendon in his...
bless him, I'll be hearing about this for a while now... :-)

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rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

I just hope the daffs, come in on song for the show,..,.Ive got a lot of miniatures here.,it would be good to get back into the winners [novice] circle,.,.,.,I went out for a counter meal today[first in about 5 yrs],as i had a day off work,.,.also got a haircut, got the groceries and visited the "moonah-Island Market''-picked up another baby green bottle[for mini daffs],.,,.some nice radishes from the Hmongers and a bunch of baby silver beet for the 3 birds,.,.Now!!-what am i going to do tomorrow?-Anthony

Barnesville (Charle, GA(Zone 8b)

is name of this Brug. Don't you love the color????
already 86 degrees supposed to get to 95. I don't doubt it at all....

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Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone.. We are still in winter here. I guess not enough daffodils are out yet to convince it to go away.
There is a baby magpie in one of the nests and the poor thing must wonder why the mother ever laid the egg while its so cold.

Anthony, I can see you are going to b every busy getting the daffs to flower at the right time for the shows.
Sounds like you had a busy day.

Sue, I hope your little mandarin recovers . Isnt it nice to have fresh fruit in the yard.
I wish hubby had put in more years ago.
We have apples, but none worth eating.
I usually pig out on nectarines and blood plums. The birds get the grapes.

Dianne, I hope Ray gets better quickly. Your garden is looking as beautiful as ever.

Karen, hope you have a lovely weekend up there.

Charleen, that is a beautiful brug, I love the upcurled corolla.
Give Charley a hug for me.

Hello Al, Colleen, Teresa and everyone else looking in

I have left you all a nice treat in the kitchen....... Devils Food Cake

I am off to read my book near the heater,
Its no place for me to be outside .....brrrrrrrrrrr

Keep warm and safe

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barmera, Australia

Good morning everyone. Grey and overcast here. We had a lovely lot of rain yesterday afternoon. My tank must be full by now. I will have to start using some of the water now. Not looking forward to my power bill this time. I've had the A/C going almost all the time for the last 3 weeks. Not being able to do much doesn't keep you warm. The headmaster from the boy's school sent the Pastrol Care Worker to see me yesterday to see if they can do anything for me. I said that I could do with some help in the garden, getting the fruit trees pruned especially, so now they are going to send their yardsman down to see if he can help. I am so grateful. My sister is coming up next week so she will be able to keep the house going for me and stock the pantry up again. Hopefully it doesn't last too much longer. Spring is coming. Everyone have a great day. Colleen

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Camperdown, Australia

Good morning everyone.
My first daff is out and looking good.
Colleen good to hear you will have some more help , I know the pruning must have been worrying you and to get someone who knows gardening is a great bonus. Good news and hope it is soon even better with you up and fossicking again.
yes Jean my foofd garden s coming on well ,I harvested a good years supply of almonds before thew birds go thtem and the nectarine is a really heavy bearer as are the two apples and pear. The apricot is young but gave me apricots (just a few) for the first time so this year may be more. lemons are ripening and the cumquat still has fruit on it too.Frost bit the Jostaberry hard so am hoping Spring will see it reshoot. I have Loganberry and Boysenberry to palnt once I get the chookyard garden dug and set out too. I still have figs in the freezer from the fig tree and am wondering why I planted cuttings now- don't need more at all. The two blood plums are young yet but in a year or so will be harvesting them too. If you want to sell your blood plums I have a friend in Heywood who is looking for them .You may even know her as she does the Hamilton and Portland markets with her jams and cakes.She told me last week that her plum jam is running out the door and my trees are not ready for her yet. Let me know if you have excess next season and I will pass it on.
I will certainly let you know when I come up your way - would be lovely to talk gardening with you face to face.

Rain is just pouring down now and my tanks are all overflowing - I hate wasting water but have nowhere to put it now the tanks are full. Boom or bust -that's Australia huh?

Lulu is happy with her friends and ELJAY and Dolly are now named hens, and the rooster is Lord Jim. I will try and find one more hen to be a good mother and sit on eggs but will just wait until I find the right 'Lady" for his Lordship.
Did have an oops yesterday when the one egg was broken but the shell was really fragile and weak so I hope it is not an egg eater and just a mishap - have added lots of calcium shellgrit to their feed to strengthen the eggshells.
Lord Jim's feathers are the most glorious black shot with mettallic green with a speckled brown ruff around his neck - definitely Lordly material, and little Dolly has the same black iridescent green feathers - Eljay has a more brown speckled on black coat.

This is an early painting I did of my old chooks a few years back - well about 10 now I think.LOL

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rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

Beautiful scattered rain here too[my god we need it]-but unfortunately, it has brought in an extreme cold front,.,.,Its freezing!!!!

Hornell, NY(Zone 5a)

Happy Weekend All! - We're off to visit Grandkids today and fly kites at a local NY State park. Weather has been rainy, but seems to be letting up a bit by afternoon with sun expected. Garden is growing like a jungle around here.

I'm growing six pails like these this year, tomatoes are Tumbler (cherry) and Super Bush (normal). Both are dwarf varieties and doing well so far in the 5 gal buckets. I've eaten some of the early Tumblers, lots of greenies on the other.


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Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone.
No rain as yet this morning , but very cold.
I am getting lazier & lazier doing nothing because of both the rain and my darn shoulder.
I will end up looking like a big old hippo.
Roll on summer so one can get rid of the winter wrinkles.

Al, I hope you all enjoy the day.
Flying kites is something so many seem to enjoy.
Hope the weather is kind for you.
I like your tomato plants . Lovely & healthy.
I am looking forward to getting mine going.
Its the first time I have ever used the hanging bags to grow anything.

Glad you had some rain Anthony.
Yes , its a shame the cold comes with it though.
But what would the bulbs do without their cold hibernation period ?
We just have to grin & bear it all.

Lovely painting Sue.
I can see you having chickens running around in the spring.
Your hens must think they are in chook heaven in that lovely yard.
Lucky you have the egg laying area hidden from the crows.
I have seen crows go right inside a long covered chook run to find eggs. They are a most innovative bird.

Hello Colleen. Nice to see you are getting better slowly.
I know how hard it is when hubby gets so bad with his back.
Keep resting and enjoy a bit of pampering by others.

Teresa, how are things over the ditch ?
You must have all your house as you want it by now. Have you redesigned any of the garden at all. ?
Hope Sugar is not leading Copper astray there.

Dianne, are you getting all the rain too ?
Your brugs are looking good.
Give Tilly a pat for me.

Charleen, Where is Charley ?
He hasnt been to see me for a day or two. I suppose you have given him some nice fresh hay.
Abigail still comes to leave me an egg. Dear little thing she is.
I hope the weather is being kind to you. I see awful storms on the TV.

Moon I hope you are also away from the storms and not so hot either.

Hello everyone else popping in for a cuppa.
Here is something to nibble with your cuppa. ......Walnut Cinnamon Loaf with Coffee Icing.....

Enjoy the day and keep safe

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Camperdown, Australia

Good Morning everyone. I hope the day holds everything you want from it today.

Jean, yes the crows can be a menace- the pen is bird proofed but not snake or rat proof as I haven't laid the concrete floor as yet - I just fixed wire from edge to edge on the floor,then gravel, then mulch as deep litter over that - no foxes can get in, but a smaller bird could just over the door - I will deal with that later too- it just needs a rail across the top to block it completely. Don't want sparrows pinching or polluting feed either.
The sun has just come out after some lovely rainbows so I will get outside now while it's fine- been a wet grey week really.

Camperdown, Australia

oops forgot to add the ppics I took of Lord Jima nd his ladies today.
Poor lad needs to grow his tail feathers back but he will in time.
Lulu is teaching the little girls how to eat grass - the poor things have never had any I don't think.
Eljay and Dolly on a perch- they like to be up high.

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Clifton Springs, Australia

Hope that you had a great time flying kites with your grandkids, Al....I must get mine out of retirement.
We have some nice, broad beaches around here and they fly very well....it's been a while...

Chookie, was Lord Jim named after the character that Peter o'Toole played in the movie of the same name?
He looks like a fine young fellow, even with his feathers missing, has your Jostaberry fruited yet?
Mine is 2 this year and we've only had a couple from it....so it should be better this year...

Sorry that you're freezing Anthony....hope you enjoyed that counter lunch....are the little green bottles in your pic a couple of posts ago, the ones that you are talking about?

Beautiful Brugmansia, Charleen.........I like that word Serendipity..it rolls off the tongue...lol

Colleen, you and Jean are having a bad run......kind of your sister to come and help.

Don't get tempted to do anything Jean, he probably doesn't do things the way you want ( they never do)
but I'm sure Robert is doing his best and hopefully the doctor will have the answer.

That gold medal in the relay was nice to watch....Go Aussies
Ray loves the beach volleyball, I wonder why :-) he was disappointed this morning, the Aussie girls wore long pants....what did you think Anthony...lol

Christchurch, New Zealand

I spent most of yesterday water blasting the deck & pavers.
Looks so much better out the back & the pavers aren't slimy & dangerous any more.
The deck needs to be treated for the algae growing on it, the water blasting helped but wasn't enough by itself.
The dogs had a good day at training today, it was sunny & warm enough to shed my jacket & heavy wool jumper.
Sugar had a light bulb moment on her down stay...
she actually realised that I wanted her to stay down for more than 2 seconds at a time.
From being a jack-in-the-box (or is that Jill-in-the-box?) she went to being the star of the class :)

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rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

Yes, Dianne, The miniature bottles from the 60s-70s, they used to supply in the motel 'mini bar.. I can only get them from the 'Yang Si Provence' In China,for 7c each[heres the catch] minimum order '10,000'.,plus shipping? And what did i think of the Volleyball???The Americans looked great, as I shortcutted through Mc donalds this morning{8.25]? and saw the big screen,.I could say a bit more,on the lady 'Cook', ,but lets just watch the olympics and be happy...!!-Anthony,.,I just purchased'Helleborus/Frittilara/Humboltii ssp Occelatum seed, seems people here need some of these,..,.wILL GO WITH IT,.,.,,.

Barnesville (Charle, GA(Zone 8b)

Jean, Charley is so busy reaching over some of my fences stealing grass and looking at me with those big brown eyes with red eyelashes. he is so bad. Long as he doesn't burst thru, he is o.k.
Abigail was sitting on her nest earlier so you will be getting another lovely brown egg. she is a good girl.
My nephew is letting me take care of his chickens. They are HIS but I can take care of them. He is 8 years old and such a wonderful little Brat... He knew I loved those little chickens...

Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone.
Still quite dark here so looks like a very dull and cold day .
I love seeing all the bright yellow of the wattles which really brighten up the roadsides.
Lots of bulbs up now. Yellow seems to be the color which comes out first, jonquils, daffies, wattle .
My wallflowers are also starting to show all their colorful flowers.
There is a carpet of green where the nasturtiums are all spreading themselves around.

Charleen, thank Abigail for the egg.
I thought I saw the tail end of Charley going around the edge of the trees behind the Tea Room. I think he was looking for more hay.

Hello Teresa, very nice to see that Sugar is learning what to do at the right time.
Hope you are not too cold there.
Hello Anthony, keep warm by your fire. I see Tassie was very cold .
Has Cocky got a jacket on ...lol

Dianne, I can see you now, running up & down the beach with your kite.
Kite flying is something I never got into.

Sue , your are right to exclude the darn sparrows from the chook yard as they can be areal pest .
I had them getting into the shadehouse for awhile as it was joined to an old shed.
Once I found all the holes and blocked them , their mess was gone.
Very pretty hens too.

Colleen, keep resting . Lucky you have good friends & neighbors.
The time will come one day when you can do a good turn for someone else.
What goes around , comes around .

Hello Moon , and anyone else popping in.

Hears something yummy for morning tea. .....Cherry Cake.

stay warm and safe
Happy day

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Merino, Australia

I'm still sitting in the warm. Its a very grey day out there and I am not going to venture out unless I see a bit of sun.
Had to pop this in for all to look at
It was sent to hubby by one of his OS friends. We think its great.

Camperdown, Australia

Good morning everyone, A sunny cool morning today - nice for a change from grey skies.

Dainne, My Jostaberry hasn't fruited yet and the frost took every leaf off it so I am waiting to see what happens next. Mine too is only a bit over a year old so a bit more wait for fruit yet - if it survives the frosts.
One almond tree is in full blossom now but the other still budding up so they are not pollinators although I had a good crop off the late one last year- I may need that universal pollinator - and it may be there is one nearby for the late one to pollinate off too, but not the early one which hasn't had fruit for two years now. I will look around the area as I drive through and see if I can cadge a branch for this one this week- the bees are busy.

Anthony do you have a pic of those Frittillaria? I have so much shade I might be planting some this year, under the oak trees I think would be good - do you????.

My ivy geranium is in happy flower right now.

I am moving furniture and computers again this week(for the last time !!) so may be offline a bit. Have a good week everyone.

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Camperdown, Australia

Sorry Dianne missed answering your question - He was named after Lord Jim the book by Joseph Conrad. Written I think about 1899 or thereabouts,have an old copy here and thought it fitted him well.Didn't see the movie at all.

The wattles in the area are just glowing with yellow now - the precursor to Spring along with golden daffodils - you are right Jean - yellow is the lead in to Spring. I have one lone daff out yet.

rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

Chookie, its Frittillara Michaelovsky[close enough]-Im an obsessed seed purchaser[saved $3 by buying 4 packs though!! Jean-VERY cold last night, but some great rain!

Hornell, NY(Zone 5a)

We're watching the awesome Olympics from London, great show by the Aussie swim team! Congrats to all the fabulous athletes from around the world! This is about the only decent entertainment we get in the summertime, the rest is just reruns. It wouldn't be TV if it weren't for sports this time of year.


Merino, Australia

I avoid sport like the plague.
I cannot stand the media hype.
This goes for football, tennis, cricket and whatever else the media feels I need to see in endless replays.

Thats it , off my soapbox.
I know you are all enjoying your sport and I am odd for not wanting to see it.

Back to my reruns, I prefer them . ....lol


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Christchurch, New Zealand

the bad weather has started here, heavy rain until Friday at least...
glad the pavers are clean so walking around out there will be a lot safer.
Had an interesting customer today, chap from Texas, he wanted to take home merino for friends but was worried about it being too warm over there.
We found him a few things he liked & in the end he spent nearly $500.00.
we had a few people come in looking for an extra layer to wear - it was warmish this morning & a few were caught out not dressing warm enough for when the temperature dropped.
My chap from Texas bought a Drizabone jacket (& one for a friend) & wore it our of the shop as while he was looking around the rain started to bucket down.
Another lady came in & bought a couple of jerseys & a Drizabone man's zip front cardi - she had me cut the label off as she didn't want to take it off after trying it on :)
Hopefully the colder weather will push sales up as we have been a bit slow in the last few weeks.

Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

Good Morning.

Our weather forecast this week suggests that you stay inside unless you absolutely have to be outside. Temps around 35C with heat indices around 42C. Very humid and still.

Hope you all have a pleasant day....be safe, stay warm.


Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone.
Still cold & damp winter here.

Moon I could use a bit of that heat , but not for as long as you have had it .
It must be awful for those older and the very young.

I am off to see the Doc today so hopefully will have some sort of diagnosis on why my shoulder has been so bad for so long .

Teresa , I could send you my cold weather to help with sales...lol

Hello Charleen, Sue, Al, Anthony, Dianne and everyone else popping in .

I will leave you all something yummy for morning tea........ Apple and Cinnamon Slices.

Take care and keep safe.

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Brisbane, Australia

Hello. My, you've all been busy. I won't try to answer everything, its too cold to sit here long.

Have been keeping busy. Barry has been here for a few days and I've been getting him to help out with chores I can't do by myself. One was a large pot that had a mini peach tree in it. The pot had become overwhelmed with bulbs and the sides had split. I could hardly find the little peach tree for the long grassy stems of the bulbs. Only way out of it was to take out the tree, soil and bulbs and all, and tease out the peach tree roots and putting the rest into the bin. Took ages, but I got the tree repotted into fresh, weed free soil, and now hope the tiny green shoots will grow and that the plant will flower this year. Other chores included getting some curtains up, and just general round the yard stuff.

Hope everyone is keeping well.

barmera, Australia

Good morning everyone. Jean I do hope that the doctor gave you some peace of mind with your shoulder. I'm getting better very slowly, but I'll get there. Not much done outside and the weeds are starting to laugh as I walk past. Dear little GHA is flowering at the moment. Such a lovely little golden flower. Bev came and vaccuumed and washed the floors for me again. and even cleaned a couple of windows. Such a wonderful help. The man hasn't been yet to prune the fruit trees. The Apricot is nearly ready to burst into bud. I hope it's not too late to give it a bit of a trim. Chookie I love the chook palace and I hope the new ones are settling in well. Karen great to see you getting a bit of help with your chores too. Hope everyone is well. have a great day. Colleen

Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone. Its a bit quiet in the Tea Room.
I hope its because you are all busy and not due to any more ailments.
Its foggy here this morning so hopefully may be a fine day.
I need to tackle a few weeds.

I saw my doctor yesterday. She has all the test results back and they show that all the ligaments, tendons or whatever are torn at the back of my shoulder.
I dont remember doing anything that would have caused it , but apparently it is very common and just caused by the wear & tear of age.
She gave me an injection of cortisone and I get another in about 6 weeks.
I had the first pain free nights sleep in months. It is wonderful to be able to move my arm without pain.
Of course, its not a cure ( there is none ) but lovely to not have to keep using the other arm more, which I was worried might cause similar there.
I still feel the dull ache to remind me not to overdo.

I must get myself moving today, as I sold some irises and now have to go rescue them from the wet outside so they can dry off for posting.
I had a large pile of leftovers from when I thinned them all .

Hello Charleen, I see Charley and friends wandering down around the field behind the Tea Room.
Lots of nice grass there . I didnt see the hens anywhere though.

Sue , dont overdo the moving of things around.
I have a Jostaberry here but it doesnt like the climate. Hasnt done much . The birds would eat the berries anyway.
They found my raspberries and loganberries last season.
I really must get to the Op shop and buy new clothes for Michael so he looks smart enough to scare the birds again.
Poor thing looks like s raggedy old tramp now after a few seasons of weather have ruined his clothing
( for those who dont know him, Michael is my scarecrow )

Hello Anthony, keep your fingers & toes warm there. Glad you had some welcome rain.
I found a couple of lilium bulbs that were not eaten by creatures in the shed. I will plant them out and see what they do.

Teresa, I hope your shop sales continue to get better. I think there is still plenty of cold weather to come.
Nic eto see the OS visitors buying too.

Moon, hope you are getting some relief from the heat there.
In a few months you will be wanting it back...lol

Colleen, hope you are coming along okay too.

Dianne, Ivorie is waving to you. In a few more weeks she may be looking in the window as she is on the veranda just outside.

Hello Al, hope you are getting some relief from the hot weather where you are too.
Not good for garden at all.

Karen, I am so pleased to see you back in the Tea Room too. I hope you are well rested and taking things very easy.

Time I went out to the kitchen to see what I have for you all this morning...
Here we are .....Lemon Coconut Slice.

Happy day

Thumbnail by 77sunset
Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

Jean, wonder if you did more damage to your shoulder when you fell a few weeks back. I damaged mine in April moving my FIL up in his hospital bed....no pain I noticed until the next day. My DR said women have shoulder problems as they get older due to smaller musculature/strength. I don't know about that, but seems I hear women complain of shoulder pain more than men....??? Grin

Hope everyone is feeling better. Happy day to you all.

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