Attempting to graft a Rainbow Shower Tree

Camarillo, CA

Hello all!
I live in Southern California and am going to attempt to graft a rainbow shower tree (Cassia x nealiae). I am wondering what type of tree to use for rootstock. Any input would be helpful as I am a complete novice. I am transporting the cutting from HI. (the USDA said it would be okay)

I may have answered my own question. I'm thinking of using a Gold Medallion Tree (Cassia leptophylla). Any opinions?

Thank you!

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Sarasota, FL(Zone 9b)

Just curious why you'd want to graft your cutting onto something else? Why not just root it and let it grow on its own rootstock?

Here's the entry from Plant Files for Cassia x nealiae If you read the reviews below the plant description, there are a couple from people who have rooted them with no trouble. With your dry-ish air in SoCal you might have to make a little tent for it to keep the humidity up until it is well rooted, though. Both Hawaii and Florida have a lot more humidity than you do.

In trying to graft it, I'd think you'll risk losing your cutting if the graft doesn't take. If it does, the Gold Medallion you graft it onto might overwhelm your Rainbow Shower if it is more vigorous, or simply because it's already established.

Camarillo, CA

I appreciate your reply, Dyzz.

I hadn't really considered rooting a cutting. When I look up the propagation of these sterile Rainbow Showers, I only really see air-layering or grafting as the methods used. I have no idea why this is.

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