Nursery Pots and Trays

I am trying to find and/or the best deal on 30,6" black nursery pots and trays with round inserts that pots will fit in,possibly white.Does anyone have any suggestions?

Arroyo Grande, CA(Zone 9a)

I buy a lot from greenhouse megastore. Don't know if they will have what you want but they do have good prices.

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

Garden centers usually have a place where they stack all the different sizes of trays from green, white , black etc, the pots to fit in the size you require are for sale as that is their business, so go to your DIY store where they have a garden / plant area, ask the staff where they keep the plant trays as the store will be glad to get rid or they have to pay a fee for land fill their refuge or send it to recycle place at a cost too.

I ask the veg / florist area at the supermarket for the large BLACK pots that they get there cut flowers delivered in and the assistant adds the water, these pots are large enough for permenant planting of small shrubs /Roses etc and here, UK, they are sold for 8-10 for a 1:00 thats about 50 cents your side of the pond, I get my husbant to drill 3-4 holes in the bottom to make drainage as the pots come with NO holes.

IF you also Google Garden Sundries etc, there will be business selling everything from useless garden tools to all the plant trays and pots us gardeners could ever want, some also have a catalogue which are great winter reading for gardeners as it helps us find the very things we have been searching for.
Good luck, WeeNel.

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