Yellow Jacket in wall...near honey beehive

De Winton, AB(Zone 3a)

How do I remove this nest in the wall of my house that's near my honey beehive? Here's a picture of the beastie. They look so small....I remember being stung by a yellow jacket and it was 'HUGE' in my child eyes...but maybe everything is big when you are small. I don't see that they are bothering the hive aggressively but now I'm concerned that they will stay there all winter in my basement furnace room. They entered through an electrical duct hole that wasn't sealed tightly. When I sit by my beehive and enjoy my lunch in the sun the 'jackets' are very annoying.

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De Winton, AB(Zone 3a)

I found out it is a yellow jacket and yes it's set up housekeeping in the wall of my basement. If I plug up the hole it will go inside the house. If I spray poison then my honey bees will suffer because they are very close. Sooooo...I set up a trap...suspend a raw fish head half inch over a basin of water with soap in it ...inside a cage that our cats can't get in but the 'jackets' can. Immediately 2 'jackets' found it and told the rest of the gang. Now there are 7 drowned 'jackets'. Poor things...but my honeys are okay and my basement room isn't threatened. Hope this gets all of them.

california, United States

I like your post

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Excellent idea-Thank you Thorgar

Longview, WA(Zone 8b)

Hi Thor,
I have one of those 1 gal shop vacs. I fill the bottom of the shop vac with liquid household ammonia. Then I just set up the
long tube close to the entrance of the nest. As the jackets come home, they are sucked into the vac and killed
with the ammonia. After the nest is empty, I dump the dead jackets in the garden as fertilizer.

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