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silky web covering trunk of oaks

Baytown, TX(Zone 9a)

There is a silky web covering most of the trunk of one of my live oaks. The web seems to be moving from tree to tree. It isn't bag worms. Anybody know what this could be?

Fulshear, TX(Zone 9b)

I have the same thing on one of my trees. Almost like someone put a giant, transparent, white stocking over the branches. I cannot see any insects though. I tried to take a photo to send to my Extension Service but it's difficult to photograph. Hopefully, someone here knows what it is!

Baytown, TX(Zone 9a)

I found out what it is - webbing barklouse. You can look it up in the bugfiles. They don't hurt the tree.

Fulshear, TX(Zone 9b)

At least, they are not harmful! Thanks for finding it!

Beaumont, TX(Zone 9a)

Ditto, my oak tree has this too. Sure suprised me when I saw the webbing.

Bellaire, TX

Not only do they NOT hurt the tree, they are highly beneficial to it. They eat any "bad" stuff on your oak trees. Count your blessings that you have them. They don't show up every year.

Fulshear, TX(Zone 9b)

I've just read, in our local paper, that they are fairly abundant this year in our area and that they eat all of the fungi and bad things on the tree, then move on. Awesome!

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