Pineapple flowering/fruiting

noonamah, Australia

They always look great. There's something about seeing tiny pineapples as they get their blue flowers, and then become large pineapples.

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Oklahoma City, OK(Zone 7b)

Are these in pots or in the ground? I am new pineapples but have planted several out in my garden. How long does it take to flower?

noonamah, Australia

They're all in ground, although my neighbours grows quite a few in pots. Easier to control. Give them a couple of years to flower. They can be induced to flower earlier but usually the fruit is smaller. Flowering is in the cooler dry season. Ripening is in the early wet season (we're a one wet season climate here, not sure how it works out if it's in a 2 wet season climate). Some weak fertiliser regularly helps them along. Make sure they get a lot of sun. I've got lots of tops I've thrown out into the garden. They grow well, spindly but no flowering even after 3 or 4 years. They're in total heavy shade. Other than that, they're the easiest thing.

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