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Maple, ON

help these buggers bilt a small nest on my porch ! its about the size of a golf ball ,and before my cat or I get stung I want rid of it (actually its right over my green bean plants ) I have heard that bleach and hot water work .Whats your advice

central, NJ(Zone 6b)

Wasp spray

OC, CA & Twin Lakes , IA(Zone 4b)

Buy the spray.

Spray the nest after the sun goes down; when they are in the nest.

Remove the nest.

Iowa Park, TX(Zone 7b)

We have several large paper wasps nests on our back porch and we just leave them alone. No one in my family is allergic to them. In the spring when they are first building their little nests, I knock down with a broom the ones that are too close to the doors or other places that are inconvenient to us. They will eventually pick places (since they are VERY persistant) and we let them build away. We don't mess with them and they don't mess with us. I always have water available for the dogs and birds and the wasps take advantage of that (they need water available all the time). They help me in the garden by killing and taking back caterpillars and other undesirable pests for their larva to eat. As far as I know, in the seven years we have lived in this house and have had this (wasps nesting under the eves and back porch) no one has been stung unless they stepped on the wasp while it was on the ground.

If you really don't want them around though, make sure there is no convenient place for them to get water on a regular basis.

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