Is this a weed or a Rose of Sharon?

Buffalo, NY

People keep telling me this is a weed, but my friend gave me rose of sharon seedlings that I thought had died and now I have all this little sprouts everywhere. These pictures are the larger ones. I thought they could be rose of sharon, but the trunks are red and they are not flowering! I am wondering if they are diseased rose sharons? Should I distroy them? I want to use the space for a garden and they either need to move or get distroyed.

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Jonesville, VA

Looked at the 3rd picture. From my years of gardening I believed it is a weed but do not know the name. If I were you I will destroy it.
Happy gardening!

Scott County, KY(Zone 5b)

Those are Lamb's-Quarters (Chenopodium album).

A weed, but an edible one.

Greenfield, OH(Zone 6a)

What you have is lambsquarter, goosefoot or wild spinach and it is a highly delectable green. The only plant of the "weed" family we intentionally grow. We gather the seeds and sow them in their own beds.
Cut off the leaves, especially the tops and cook like any other greens or you can blanch and freeze. Great with soup beans on a cold January afternoon while surfing through gardening catalogs.
Note: it takes a lot of greens to make a mess as they cook down quite a bit.

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