Yellow Delicious Apple Tree

Lafayette, IN

I am trying to find out if this variety is spur bearing or tip bearing? Does anyone have any experience growing this variety?

Temuco, Chile(Zone 9b)

This is quite a complicated answer, I will try to make it clear.

Most apple trees are spur-bearing. Quite a few are both tip-bearing and spur-bearing (Jonagold). Only a small
percentage, I think less than 1%, are strictly tip-bearers. Golden delicious is a tip-bearing but with relaxed pruning you will produce side growth that will fruit.

Golden Delicious and Jonathan fruits on the tips of short 2 years old side growth. Granny smith fruits on both, spurts and shorts side growth
as I said, a relax attitude is best when pruning these trees, leave side growth in place unless they are very long and disturbing for the balance of the tree, in this case, prune / cut back by 1/4. In this way the suppose tip bearing tree will develop spurs.

I found this info some time ago:

Good luck

Lafayette, IN

Thanks for the help

Temuco, Chile(Zone 9b)

Good luck and continue with your fruit trees.

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