New from Charles Town, WV

Charles Town, WV(Zone 6b)

Hello everyone,

I am new to gardening here in the Middle South. Wow, what a difference from the PacNW. Anyone with tip on best flowers to grow in area or any tip for this area, please post. I think I'm going to need it...HAHA

I love gardening, am a seed harvester (love sharing) with eclectic taste in gardening. I try to make any plant I have work in somewhere.

Looking forward to hearing from you and reading your post. Have a wonderful day!!!


Melbourne, KY(Zone 6a)

Welcome, Patti! Have you found the mid-south forum yet? I'm sure you'll find a lot of nice, helpful people there. Here is the link to the forum:

Charles Town, WV(Zone 6b)

Thank you for the welcome KYWoods. I'm going right to the link you sent me. Looking forward to future post in the forums from you. Have a great gardening day!!

Silver Spring, MD(Zone 6b)

Welcome WV Gardener! Charlestown is not that far from Frederick, Leesburg, and some of the other Maryland/Va. towns that you couldn't come over and join our Mid-atlantic gardening group. Jill hosts a Feb. seed swap in Frederick, and has hosted a Fall plant swap, Terri hosted a May plant swap last year..Check us out; it's a very nice group.

Somewhere in, MD(Zone 7b)

Oh dear, WV, how did I miss greeting you!? Sorry I'm late (huff, puff!), I do not always live up to my moniker. ;)

It's really nice to have you here, and I'll look forward to chatting with you more!

Happy Gardening! =)

Charles Town, WV(Zone 6b)

Thank you Pippi21 & Speediebean for the welcome and info. I am close to both Frederick & Leesburg and will definately be heading to your group. I grew up in College Park. MD but I found my love for gardening in the Pac NW. Very different from WV.

I'll be looking forward to chatting with you both in the future. Thank you again for the welcome!!!

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