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Victoria Harbour, ON

Thought I'd move us over...

We came from here

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Victoria Harbour, ON


ViolaAnn, omg that didn't take long... end of August closing? sorry for the memory, had they already put an offer on the other? Bet they are doing the happy dance..

"M" as always the Elvis weekend was a great success, perfect weather, top notch entertainment..I especially love the Gospel Breakfast, 3 top entertainers do his songs..if you closed your eyes, you would not know it wasn't he..tired out today, have 4 days to rest then off for 10 days wayyyy down I saw more of Elvis than I'll see in Memphis lol

be back in a bit

Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

Happy Dance indeed. You can hardly recognize their place once the stagers got hold of it. DD said she couldn't find her telephone even. It now looks as though the sellers of the place where DD is moving might be a bit flexible and maybe DD's buyers will be flexible too. They bargained the price almost up to what they hope to have. We might end up taking the kids off their hands later in August, but I draw the line at their fool dog, though the poor animal is bewildered by all the changes.

The market in Ottawa is uncertain; so I'm sure they are glad to have sold quickly. They had to do quite a bit of work on their house to get it ready - read they didn't look after it very well - and with the gov't downsizing, a lot of people are uncertain about their jobs, but the street is VERY quiet, has a park and ravine right on it and is easy access to the river as well. I think that's what really sold it fast.

Thanks for moving us over.

Edmonton, AB(Zone 3a)

ViolaAnn That was fast! It can be amazing what the stagers do too. They always seem to think of things you wouldn't have even dreamed of. It most likely helped for the sale for sure. Big relief for your family.

Susan they do say the younger you learn the easier it is, good for you giving it a go and doing it! All I can say is practice! It will all come together for you.

Heat here again and of course thunderstorm warnings too.

Eating cucumber and tomatoes out of the G house and needing to shade them as the heat is huge in there. Canna's are loving it and I am able to keep most things watered by Mother Nature.

Found some good plants on Kijiji. One place was a dud but the other had some great cactus good for our Zone.
Bye for now all.

Alberta Ann


Thanks for all the support re: my learning to ride a bike :-)

VAnn - SO glad they sold quickly - with an uncertain market, you never really know, but it takes a potential buyer to really know what they want. Good for the stagers to get it to sale-able status! Means your DD won't have to deal with 2 mortgages, etc........
Hope the buyers are flexible enough that they have no problems with moving date

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Morning everyone ^_^
Nice to see pretty much nothing but GOOD news on the thread!
Thanks Betty for the move.

Lorna saw the physiotherapist yesterday, and, she will be 'fast tracked' to see the orthopedic surgeon by the end of August, we hope.
Surgery is just a 'word' right now as the physio feels he (the surgeon) might try alternatives.

Gordon is back tomorrow .. fishing in Wisconsin has been pretty poor .. I would imagine due to the heat there.
Today MAY be our last day of heat and humidity for a bit.

Off to get gas and look at new cell phones ..



Marilyn - hope the heat and humidity quietens down for you now!

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Another day, another duty :-)

Blasted heat yesterday, it was stifling ! Apparently today we will be getting cooler temps, and, perhaps a thunderstorm.
AlbAnn .. Edmonton seems to have had lots of bad weather lately.

Got a new cell phone yesterday, as always, the learning curve is making me feel like a real idiot. It's the type of cell that slides to reveal your keyboard .. have gotten my texting option back, I let it go in 2010. Now my grand kids want to be able to text me. So far i can't set the date or time, and, sending a message with a NUMBER in it is stumping me. Guess I'll just keep at it .. I can always have Murray or one of the kids show me.

Took Lorna's walker in for repairs yesterday .. lawsie they do NOT make these things for someone who is active !! Her brakes are again shot, and the hand grips are a frayed mess. Will get it back today ..

Must go and have a look at the environment Canada site ..

RABBIT RABBIT hope August is an awesome month for everyone ^_^


Victoria Harbour, ON


drats, know I typed an entire message yesterday but don't see it this morning, must we in cyberspace..

Storms rolled through yesterday, watched the news and Toronto sure got hit hard yesterday, water was almost up to the windows of the cars..we got a fair amount but all came within 1/2 hr. and by the time I got home the ground was actually dry. That being said, will take whatever we weather for the remainder of the week..ooops leaving Friday and not heading to cooler temps, imagine, Nashville/Memphis and New Orleans are near 100 feeling like 115-120. Bought some ice chips from Michaels, will make a few of those neck coolers tonight, will help bring body temp down while sightseeing.

This week seems forever, can't wait to get out of dodge...

Greg/Mel and family took the Foxy Lady up the Trent, got back late last night and now preparing to boat Georgian Bay..Greg can't figure out why I wouldn' just take her out and spend a week on the lake..too easy for me, like the challenge of an oven lol

I guess "M" not everyone is as active as Lorna, she sure does put her use of the walker to the test. Smilled when I read your difficulties with learning new phone..I got a blackberry a few weeks ago, Jeff felt I should have one..he brought it filled with contact numbers, showed me but much too much for me to register so I depend on the grandsons to drop in for 'dummy' lessons, am sure they have a book, should really buy one..good luck figuring it out.

Guess you'll be celebrating Gordon's fish dinner to celebrate though.

Alberta Ann, never imagined your area would be good for cactus?? You are making my mouth water, love cucumber and tomato sandwhiches..everything is so slow here, usually there is an abundance of both at this time of year but nothing yet. Think we'll pay this winter for this heat! Been watching the weather network, sure hope you are not experiencing the inclement weather..tornado warnings in some parts..keep safe!

Susan, when is your next bike lesson?

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Ahhhhhhhhh .. the ever present 'escaping messages' .. been there on a few of the Forums, find it very disturbing, but, nothing you can do about it.
You must be so excited about your trip to the South Betty :-)
The neck coolers sound like a good idea ..
VERY muggy here .. and .. we had a dandy thunder boomer role through around 4pm, and, a DELUGE of rainfall for about 20 minutes .. temp was 39C!!

I putzed around with the new cell phone this aft .. finally figured out how to turn it OFF, not put it on 'pause' .. I can now delete messages and I was able to configure the voice mail, but, there are lots of little things I need to be SHOWN ..

We have some tomatoes ready to eat, cherry tomatoes, not sure re cukes, they're WAY in the back garden .. I know there are a few the deer didn't get .. can hardly wait for the 'Field Tomatoes' from southern ON .. if they have them ..

Corrie is comin on .. so I will be 'engaged' for an hour ^_^



AbAnn - guess you got some of that hail too, eh? Nasty stuff
Bob was working on our neighbour-down-the-street's home when it was threatening "weather" so he got down and was tying down his ladders when it HIT! He dove under the tailgate to avoid the hail....... Boom, Bang on our roof (metal roof no less......) and I phoned our friend to see how Bob was doing...... she told me he was under the truck lol
He got home safe & sound after it let up a bit to "only" rain.......

Betty - I know you're chomping at the bit to head off on your Road Trip!

Marilyn - Lorna's really going through that walker and putting it through its paces lol Good for her!!!!!!!

Not sure when my next bike lesson is. She says maybe she can fit me in on Aug 11th, but we'll see. In the meantime I'm not getting any practice cuz I need Bob to drive my bike to a park. We have a major hill behind us, but it's way too steep for me. Bob's been working on Kay's roof, and this weekend we're going camping. I'll take the bike with me and see what I can do. Not taking my "nice" bike, cuz I don't have a carrier and I don't want it bumping around loose in the truck bed....... would get all scratched up and it's "like-new" right now. No, I'll take my "little" bike that I can stand flat-footed on the ground with - an 11" frame LOL

Victoria Harbour, ON

Morning's slow moving, clock just isn't ticking fast enough!
Car packed and ready to hit the road..half hoped boss would call and say 'off you go' but hasn't done so as yet. Keep hoping...

Sunshine here, tomorrow is suppose to be a scorcher..last night we had 10 drops of rain, no kiding I could count each one of them..didn't help a bit so last night I walked around the gardens, got all the hanging baskets and put them under the gazebo so Cathy can water from time to time seeing as she or her mom will come over for the furries..makes it easier than having to go in search of where the planters are.

Susan, imagine you are also packed up and ready to escape come days end...hope weather co-operates for you.

So what are you all up to this long weekend?

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Travel safe Betty ..

Sitting here actually wearing a SWEAT SHIRT!!! It is a very cool day, with impending rain forecast. Went to town early .. got my new license plate sticker, Lorna applied for a new health card, she still has the red and white one .. we were home by 11am .. no need to water, grass is cut. so. just going to watch some of the Olympic events.

My Aunt Gladys is 97 on Monday .. still hale ane hearty .. there's a tea for her on Sunday I think .. I'll bop in to see her tomorrow.

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend !!



Camping (tenting) stuff's packed and sitting on the deck, waiting for a bit of Bob's input, and his packing of the truck..... it's after 2pm, and he's still heading home. He ran some errands after work, and should be home soon........
Rain's stopped and should be sunny & warm/hot the rest of the holiday weekend!

chat with you on Monday evening!!

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

I think we may be in for a rainy day here. Thunder storms started around 5am and the rain continues to fall .. HANDS FREE WATERING!

Not much happening, so far ..

Enjoy your Saturday ^_^


Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

BRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr .. what the heck is happening !!! Just had the dogs out, and after a day of temps in the mid 30s C we are into temps of
10C !!! Downright nippy out there ..

Had a bear rip down a branch full of apples from one of the apple trees during the night :-(
Can't bring the apple trees in like you can the bird feeders. I must say though that it was OH SO NICE to feel the cooler breeze.
I would imagine Betty is in the 'thick' of the Southern humidity by now ...

Enjoy your day ^_^


PS: adding a pic of Piper on his excursion to the DUMP .. he sits in the back window of the truck :-)

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Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

Sale of daughter's house fell through after the inspection. Small things, and DD's perspective is that they buyers were nitpicking and they didn't reach a consensus. But it was a REALLY quick sale - 2 days after listing. Hopefully it will sell soon.

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Bummer :-(
As you say .. perhaps it's only a minor set back, and, the sale of the house will go through quickly. Fingers (and toes) crossed on my part!

Another cool morning .. very Autumnal .. however .. the heat is coming back, but, in small doses.

Off to walk the dogs (carefully) the annoying bear has been around !!!


Victoria Harbour, ON

I sent you an update yesterday, I thought I might repeat the process and let you know about our Sunday!    As a way of having some downtime I started to type last night  but then fell asleep.

Now up, getting ready to start another day..

With just a little less than 5 hrs sleep we were up and running by 9:30am this morning..after closing Ernest Tubb's Midnight Jamboree we were back to do the Cowboys Church say we enjoyed would be an understatement..what talent!  The service was 1 1/2 hours in duration, MC was Dr.yates, wife Joanna Yates sang (Johnny Cash's younger sister). Not only did she resemble him but sang tunes where she sounded just like her hubby. Only about 80 in attendance, got to gab with her, have my photo taken with her then headed downtown Nashville making the Parthenon our next we left the service we were having a torrential rain, thankfully it stopped by the time we reached the Parthenon!

Who would ever guess that such a structure would be found in  the downtown area of Nashville..really impressed with their  grounds and the 'to' scale replica of an ancient Greek monument structure.  On the 2nd floor was Athena, 42' tall statue, exact replica as found in Greece.

Now that we praised the Lord, added some culture to our lives it was time to "be bad"

music row here we come..entertainment in every establishment..up and coming talent some of which should be performing at the would never know it was as hot as it was because everywhere we entered  had a/c on the coolest setting, at times I was cold.

What a day just sitting and listening to the music..

On one of our jaunts from bar to bar there was Tom Arnold (movie star) doing a take on the street, few people was a scorcher and he had the retake a few tapes because he couldn't get one of the words right, a girl kept dabbing makeup on him and wiping his forehead..

Suzanne offered him her hat, he said my head is too big, shaking his head,but grabbed it and put it on..I said 'if you want to talk big' kind of kibitzing around at my size..he started  to laugh, said I married bigger' and winked. (re Roseanne Barr). Some of you young ones won't even know her..had a comedy series on tv for forever..

So that was our Sunday..

Just getting ready to pack up and head to Memphis, lots planned for the day then a late night of Beale Street Blues..

Sent from my iPad


woo hoo Betty - sounds like you fit all modes of "self" in there......... praise, culture, and "BAD" lol

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Betty, so happy to hear you are having a wonderful time !!
I like Tom Arnold, and USED to like RoseAnne as well until her debacle while singing the American National Anthem at a ball game!

I'm up .. :-(
Gord brought a lot of things home from the States with him, not the least of which was a COLD, which I now have .. so far, just a sore throat, but, enough to waken me .. have taken some tylenol.

Off I go to catch a few more ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzs



What a few days this has been...
Camping started badly, but got better (somehow our spot was pre-booked by us, but pre-booked by someone else?!?!) Anyway, they were there first, so we got "something else" with no power, but the campground owners gave us the use of a 100' cord to plug in. Afterwards it was... interesting, but fine...I do love the country &the campground!!
Then, got home yesterday to find our water is being shut off for 4 days... and we have to stockpile water for then... for Everything! From Thursday to Sunday...
Today I found out my temp job is only going to last 3 more weeks... they are filling the position, but not with me - will find their own new employee (read: they don't want to pay the agency fee...).
I wish I had more control over my life...
At least I have my health, and my DH, and a roof over our heads... that counts for something...

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Jeepers Susan never a dull moment when you,d like one!
Hope all goes well with the water situation!!

I"m in bed. The cold is messing me up!

Have. A good. One



Apparently it will be a Minimum of 4 days.
They will also have water trucks dispersed in the park (good thing - there are 183 homes in the park!! I'm not walking 1/2 mile for a drink of water lol )

Marilyn - hope this cold lets go of its icy hold on you soon!!!

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Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Snork, cough ACHOO :0(
I am a hurtin unit, but,I know it won't last and I'll stick by that theory ~~

Susan .. they do 'things' with the water in TBay .. I think replace old pipes etc in designated areas .. our Works dept runs hoses along the curbs and attaches them to a water source. Thinking back, my good friend Jo-Anne went with water like that for a few weeks.
I sure do hope that Calgary will hold to the four days promised.

Rained all night here, and still is .. a nice steady rain ..
Not sure if I will manage a trip into town or not .. have to see bout that ..




We didn't get the water shut off today...... 1st they changed it to 4pm, then said "in the future" which I take to mean it was too hot for the workers to do any excavation or such which would necessitate them shutting off the water. They likely have it in their contract not to work if too hot or too cold. It's been hovering around 30-32c for past several days.
Thing is, we fill our tub (so we can have water to flush) then empty it and refill it next time they say they'll shut the water of. So, it's been 2 fills, times 183 or so homes........ that's a lot of water the City is paying for.......

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Susan, so much for 'conservation'. Good to hear you'll have water all weekend though.
Had noticed that Calgary finally got some summer temps .. I'm sure not complaining here .. we are having days of 23 to 25C and, it goes down to 6C at night .. now that's a bit brisk ..

Guess Betty will be home this weekend .. Lorna's parents have been having rain for the last 24 hours and expect it to continue over the weekend. . their garden will be luvin it .. they've already done down green and yellow beans.
We dug fresh potatoes here on Wednesday .. totally decadent ^_^

Still coughing up a lung every so often .. so much so that I took Gord to an appt at the hospital to see his orthopedic surgeon, and, I wouldn't go in for fear I would launch into a coughing fit !!! Sat out in the car (in a shady spot) for 2 hours nursing a bottle of water and sucking on cough drops! I fear I have the dreaded 'BETTY COUGH' .. very annoying, and I am SO happy I don't have any 'social engagements this weekend .. I literally FLEW out the front door of Shoppers yesterday and left my cart of stuff because I started to cough relentlessly .. been awhile since I have had to deal with something like this.

Have a great weekend everyone ..



Marilyn - how long have you had this relentless cough now? Been months, right? Every once in awhile I hear of a year when so many people get this cough, and it seems to go on for 4-6 months........
I hope yours clears up soon! Maybe you should take the meds Betty did, which "silenced" her cough so she wouldn't have it become habit-forming (that doesn't sound right, but I hope you know what I mean......)

Yes, it's not very "conservative" of the City to put people through all this storing of water then to have us toss it down the drain, literally. It was too cold to use on my garden....... We had to wait for the hot water heater to heat up again, cuz they had us shut down any water related items, like central a/c (we don't have one - just a little window a/c)

Well, I got a startle at work........ I asked my boss if it was going to be 2 weeks when my contract was up and she said I was welcome to apply for the job! I said "but the position closed today" and she said I could bring my resume in to her on Monday - that would be fine. We talked about some "issues" she has with my work, but frankly I think those could be overcome. She said that I'm a lovely person, and yes, people make mistakes, and she's anal about these things.......... Well peeps - don't know if you noticed it or not, but I'm a pretty intense person LOL Sounds like it would be a "match" lol
anyway, I will apply and we'll have to see what comes of it. Apparently there have been 5-6 people in the position over the past 2 years or so...... btw - I was told by the Agency that I "would not be considered" as per my boss....... hey, my boss (Darla) brought up the option to bring in my resume, not me.......

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Have had the cough for a week .. it has gotten worse over the past 2 days. In fact I have been up since 4am hacking away !! Very frustrating. I WAS going to go and get some groceries, but not now ..

Good luck with the job Susan .. fingers crossed.

Going to try and get some more sleep .. I think I'm fighting a losing battle though ..



Believe it or not...... I slept in until 10am today! That's unheard of, but Bob kept the sound on TV and not the speaker system, so I wouldn't get disturbed....what a sweetie!
Last night I got a headache (I NEVER get headaches) and it wouldn't go away......stabbing pain in both temples/sides of my head..... scary...... and I still have a vestige of it today. Didn't tell Bob cuz he knows I never get them. Think I need more coffee...... Maybe it's nerves over the job possibility?!

Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

Chamberfest is over. Helped at 23 concerts this year and got to a few more. Now to catch up. First job was dill pickles - half bushel of small cukes made 17 quart jars and 6 pint jars. Should be good for a couple of years. And peach jam. Was going to save my boiling water bath and do it, but didn't. I have the crushed peaches in the freezer ready to go. Figured I should do that when I had time so I knew how many I could eat.


crushed peaches - thinking of all the yummy stuff you could make with this.......... jams, slushies....... pies!

anyone else having problems finding regular cukes in the grocery stores? I find the bags of mini cukes, and the long seedless ones, but Not the regular garden variety cukes...... I like them for sandwiches, and really don't want to "fuss" with the tiny ones.


Well, last night Bob & I headed out to the park with our bikes, and I tried to pedal........ but discovered the bike is too small for me. How strange for me to find a bike that's Too Short!
I wasn't able to do a full extension of my legs, so I was kinda awkward. I fell 2x in the 1/2 hour, and poor Bob was quite worried the first time - it bothers him to see me fall of course. I ended up with a tiny bruise as I couldn't fall far with the short bike

Anyway, hope to get out again tonight - with my full-sized bike!!

Victoria Harbour, ON

Just got home

Gab in the am


Welcome home, Betty!!!

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Yes .. welcome home Betty !! Bet it was SO nice to sleep in your own bed ~~

ViAnn .. you've certainly been busy! We have yet to start pickling here, right now it's Blueberries and pies .. I must look for some peaches, haven't been out because of this damnable cough, which has me up AGAIN at 4am ..

Susan, hope your headache has dissipated. Almost sounds as though it was a migraine.

Off to choke down some cough medicine ..


Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

And I woke up at 4:15 and didn't go back to bed because my back is bothering me after doing all those pickles - it's got a knot in it and I couldn't find a comfortable position.

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Ouch to your back being sore Ann .. perhaps it's in spasm, that'll happen if you stand or sit in one position too long. Whatever the cause, I sure hope it feels better soon.

The cough medicine I took was effective, but, I won't be taking it again .. makes me feel 'odd' .. not into feeling that way .. the cough appears to be diminishing some, having said that, I'll probably get up from here, go to speak to someone and proceed to cough .. can't win!

Made one blueberry pie today .. and will likely do a couple to freeze and then cook .. I am totally NOT GOOD at that .. I cooked the last apple pie I made last October the other day .. cooked it at 410 F for an hour .. to me, the apples were still not cooked .. guess everyones oven is different, but, I sure hate ruining the pies ..
Maybe I'll post on the recipe forum for some tips .. seems to help sometimes.

Okay .. off I go



Victoria Harbour, ON

Mouth watering you peach jam, love adding maraschino cherries to it, if nothing else it looks pretty. Roger and I would pickle for almost a month, hundreds od jars..I'd get so that I'm only one just not worth it..favorite is red chili and corn/cucumber relish. Hmm blueberry pie, drats now ill have to get dressed and see where I can find one..oops head just nodded off, maybe a nap might be better

Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

I add fresh ginger and rum to my peach jam. :-)

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