Plant for part shade area?

De Land, FL(Zone 9b)

I planted an empty flower bed on the side of my house back in June, and I think the Agastache was a poor choice for the area. This is the location:

The Mona Lavender is doing great and so is that daisy. (Rudbeckia I think) But the agastache I planted hasn't put up much new growth at all. It's still flowering, but, looks the same as the day I planted it while the other stuff has gotten bigger. Ideas for a good replacement plant?

Green Cove Springs, FL(Zone 9a)

If that's rudbeckia, it will slowly spread and get even bigger next year. They are beautiful flowers.
Lots of wonderful shade lovers for your area. Here's a great planning tool from Florida Friendly:
Or if you just want plant ideas, try this site with some great lists, including one for shade plants

A lot of herbs will do well in part shade here too - esp. in summer! Oregano, purslane, and mints all do well here in the northern part of the state.
can't wait to see your after pics!

Apopka, FL(Zone 10a)

Four O clocks do great in part shade. Easy to grow from seed. Come in many colors. In winter they will freeze down to the ground and resprout every spring from their tubor roots. As the name implies, the flowers open at night but often will last throughout the next day.

Clermont, FL(Zone 9a)

Creeping fig, English ivy, shiffaliera(sp), devils backbone, Chinese hat plant.
You would have to prune back creeping fig and not let it do what I have. It's covering the front of my house and up into attic. Ivy will do the same but you could prune. Also, I have a beautiful hydranga in 2 places of shade and they are doing well.

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

agastache takes some time to settle in before it will start to grown

Green Cove Springs, FL(Zone 9a)

Careful, Bonnie - in Los Angeles that creeping fig got through the mortar of the river rock wall supporting our porch and caused the stones to fall out and the wall to weaken... and it grew under to attack the wall from both sides!

Gainesville, FL(Zone 9a)

Four oclocks smell yummy too. They are not especially neat. I have white ones, so they show up after dark. They will take over, but if anyone needs some white ones, Ive got plenty of tubers. Im not sure when you dig them tho. Hummers like them too

Spring Hill, FL(Zone 9a)

What Agastache was it? 'Blue Fortune' usually does best in full sun. 'Golden Jubulee' prefers afternoon shade.
Firespike is another shrub for a part shade area. Hummers love it.
If you're considering groundcovers Ajuga tenorii 'Chocolate Chip' would fill in the space. Ceratostigma plumbagonoides is another groundcover option. Both would give you nice color.

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