Black Eggs Falling From Ceiling???

Winter Park, FL

Okay, so I am at work and super pumped to have found a place to ask this question so I don't have any images available for your viewing pleasure, however I will be as descriptive as humanly possible.

So a few weeks ago my boyfriend and I noticed a cluster of tiny [like the tip of a pen] black egg like objects in one spot on the center of our couch. Not on the left, not on the right, just the center. I was pretty disgusted and vacuumed the crap out of it and figured the problem was solved and that we would just wait for our monthly bug spraying man to come by and spray. We recently moved into a new apartment in a more rural area from the city and have noticed that the bugs flourish here! So I figured it was from some freaky bug that lives in our new apartment.

So the next day I went to sit on the couch and to my dismay, there were thousands of tiny little egg like objects in the same spot on the couch again. My boyfriend and I experimented with this many times, and within MINUTES, the eggs came back. We couldn't figure it out, there were no bugs that we could see with our eyeballs.

The next week, the bug man came and as of today the problem is still here. But we did come to some conclusions. We decided that since our couch is dark purple, we would put a white sheet down to possibly get a better view. What we discovered, is that they were FALLING onto the sheet. Now let me clarify, there is NOTHING visible on the ceiling, so we turned the ac off [thinking it could be coming from the vent] and still, the freaky little eggs are falling from the ceiling. There are no fixtures above the couch, nothing but ceiling. We thought maybe it's some freaking primordial bug jumping off the couch, so we stood on the couch and held the sheet out, still falling.

What the heck is going on here?

Thank you so much in advance.

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Winter Park, FL

If it helps I live in Central Florida!

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Winter Park, FL

So I just updated this with an image of exactly what the "eggs" look like. This is a picture of termite droppings, and after reading a few threads I am beginning to believe this is what's producing the black "eggs" that are falling from the sky. Does all of this add up?

Thumbnail by tunamarie
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I would seriously have a look in your attic. Is this your place or a rental? If a rental, the landlord will want to know about this, if it is termites.

Anne Arundel,, MD(Zone 7b)

so don't there have to be some kind of holes in the ceiling? This is utterly bizarre.

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It all depends on the ceiling. Is it a drop ceiling, drywall? Is there a seam? Is there a light fixture over the couch? Some sort of something to tell you from where it's coming?

Winter Park, FL

I live in a rental and we let the landlord know. They said it could very well be termites and that they have had a lot of issues with termites......which makes me feel oh so much better. There are no fixtures above the couch. There is a popcorn ceiling which makes it slightly difficult to tell if there are any holes in the ceiling or just the natural crevices of the popcorn ceiling. But that's it.

So thanks everyone! It looks like it is termites.

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As long as the landlord knows and will do something about it. A very fixable problem. Good luck!

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