Big Brave Baggy

Danielsville, GA(Zone 7b)

I has to tell all the cat lubbers, about Our Baggy cat.Baggy is our outside cat, cause he will start a fight wid us, and get our daddy to come to his resque.Baggy not much on anything , but being babbied, and loved by daddy, who don't know the real cat.
Lets start when it was a cold Feb., and daddy tried to sneek 8 babby chickens on the place, wid out momma knowing anything bout it .That only lasted until the second day, and daddy had to put the baby birds in the large pet crate, and puts them on de porch. Then momma finds out, and daddy did some xplanning, and a small rabbit dance.He axed momma if she could make them stays in de cold, an he know momma got the biggest heart, they stay. You see, the porch belongs to de cats, but we felt sorry for the delishious little birds too.They gots uses to us, and we dim, so we all kinda gots attached.
They big now, and ain't nebber been scared of cats, and daddy lets one get outta of the "coop deville", and couldn't catches it, so he wait till it needs to sleeps. As Me n Simon was in de fine cat window, dat daddy bought for plants, we see the big red rhode island red chicken scratching all aroung daddy's plants. We also seed Baggy sneaking up on the busy hen.I called Mitzi to come have a look. She did, cause she no lik Baggy, cause he her litter mate. Ole baggy gots right behind the hen, and graped a mouth full of tail feathers. Dat'll be de las tail feathers he be grabbing, cause dat hen fluff out her hackles, and jumps all ober Baggy, and he is planing a retreat, but the hen is faster, and more mad, and baggy runs under daddy's truck, cause he always safe under dar, but nots this time, the hen fits under dar too, and can still peck, and baggy screams, and runs, and jumps in daddy's lap, where he know he be safe. He didn't lik daddy laughing so hard , and he sure hated dat we all seen it.Him gettin beats up wid feathers. Tigger, and Simon

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Fairfield County, CT(Zone 6b)


New York, NY(Zone 6b)

Oh dear me. I can picture all of the activity going on. What a show. I am laughing too.

Mequon, WI(Zone 4b)

Tigger and Simon, that must have ben soo funny to watch! Too bad you dint have a flashy-box or sumfin.

Mom says she had anudder cat (before me) that use to chase big gooses. He would get close, den relize they was bigger than him, and run back to mom.

~ Thor

Danielsville, GA(Zone 7b)

We is still laughing at that baggy, cause he not kool at all. The chicken is chuckling too.
Tigger, and Simon

Lyndonville, NY

OHHHH I haven't laughed so hard in a long time....I needed that!!

Way to go Little Red Hen! Teach that Baggy a lesson!

Danielsville, GA(Zone 7b)

The laugh is on Baggy, he seem to put foot eberwher, but ground.M&D came home from shoping, and Baggy somehow gots in the car, Momma locks it, and they goes inside.The night pass, wiff Simon, and me having a big laugh, daddy goes outs, and feeds Baggy, and he in the car, wher he spend the night. Daddy say to momma, "Baggy is in the car" momma axked how he gots in, and daddy say he wants out bad, and he did, as soons as daddy lets him outs, Baggy heads for soft ground, and stayes a while. Momma axed daddy if he "Did anything" in the car, daddy say no, he just sleped in the back seat, and was a good boy, Simon, and I look at each other, and laugh. He so mixed up, will he ebber learn?---No !, he daddy's pet, and daddy holds him on his lap, and talk silly things to him, maybe they both a little : ), if you knows whats we mean. Tigger, and Simons

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Lyndonville, NY

Baggy, do you knows how dangerous that get locked in a hot car in the hot summer heat? You cood have died in there...roasted like a possum on a country roadkill highway!!! NOT GOOD. You give yur MomandDad a break and stay outs of trubble kauz they wood have felt oh so bad if they found you in that car and in bad shape.

Up here, even thow it is cooler in NY...if someone sees an anmail in a locked car on a hot day...they is to call the police and if it is too long they haz permission to break the windows to get the animal out. Its not good dude.


Danielsville, GA(Zone 7b)

Aunt Debbie, Dat was at night, when I got in, as they gots out, then slam, I is in for de night.It wasn't too hot, but it was stuffy, in the car.I don'ts do dat no more. Baggy

I also wants to tell ebber body about that red hen, that jumped all over me. Daddy gots this pretty buff orphington rooster, and so proud of such a pretty rooster.Why, he goin to be great. Daddy puts him in wid the hens, and big Mable Murphy whip up on him, and grabs his come, and shoves him in a nest box, and he stay till daddy gots him out.Poor beat up rooster. I's don's feel so bad now. Baggy

Lyndonville, NY

Oh that made me chuckle with the rooster and hens, I just love chickens. I haven't had any since I was a little girl, but my kitchen and around the house are picture or little knic-nacs of chickens. One of my last birthday gifts from my Mom is a two pictures of chickens painted on glass...made to look like a window.

Baggy, I am so happy you are staying out of the car now....thats a good boy. You be careful and be nice to your Daddy...hes my special man.

Going to be a hot one here, so we might have to put the AC on today. I have to finish breakfast for all the critters....

Enjoy your day....and ya'll stay out of trouble!!!

Aunt Debbie

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