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still an antique milk jug

suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

But, a different plant is in it The Pilea and the fern, (the Polka Dot 'Splash' had succumbed a long time ago) got too big and didn't look right.
It is now a Carpet Sedum's turn. You learn quite a bit the first time you do a terrarium. I learned you can't have it airtight all the time, the roots will rot and the plant will die. The Pilea started to die until I realized that the top needs to be left open or the lid cracked, so air can get in and dry things out. The water tends to just sit in there and the inside of the jar gets all clouded up from the moisture. I'm going at it different now. I need to find panty hose or something to put over the top with a rubber band. I need to keep that lid close and undamaged because this jar is like a relic. And besides, I'd be in big trouble if something happened to the jar or the lid.
Here is the jar today, this was right before I brought it in the house.

Thumbnail by shortleaf

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