Fall 2012 RU Swap Thread

Olive Branch, MS

If you have something to share with others list it here. Again the date is Sept. 22nd. at Jim's.

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Judsonia, AR(Zone 7b)

Right now I have goji berry rooted runners to give and I have quite a few lilies of diff varieties , such as orientals , asiatic and orientrump don't know the names or colors. Their all in large pots and I'll dig and bring the bulbs if anybody wants any. I will have to cut off all the green on them though. Their pretty big right now.
I also have these things I can share:

Dragon tails pinella this is no longer variegated though.
Pineapple lily bulbs, different shaded colored leaves, maroon and green, I have not enough sun to make them bloom any more. will dig the bulbs and bring them if anybody wants them.
Can root or bring cuttings off the red or purple fire spike
can root or bring cuttings off about 9 diff varieties of sedum.
variegated solomon seal
I also have a few of the californea ee's

Sandra: jacob's cline monarda
Mariyn: sedum rooted cuttings, monarda if I have enough.
Genna: lilies, georgia peach brugmansia
Trish Lilies and pineapple lilies, brugmansia Georgia peach
Charlotte, heart of the jungle elephant ear.
Marilyn, heart of the jungle ee.
Kim, california
Zinnia seeds.
I'll add things daily here.

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Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Just saving my spot.

1 clerodendrum bungei (also known as Rose Glory Bower, Mexican Hydrangea) already growing in a pot. It can be invasive but I have a nice bunch growing in a large pot to keep it from spreading and it is very pretty.

2 pink hardy begonias

1 salvia/sage (not sure which - came from Pine Ridge and I've forgotten what it is) The bloom looks a lot like hot lips but a totally different type foliage. Has a woody stem and the plant stays green year round. I accidentally broke a piece off early this summer and rooted it - so only one is available

1 anemone

1 small hosta
Tall mexican petunia

I have a pretty begonia with pink flowers that cascades - this is not hardy outside - can bring a couple of cuttings

Hardy EE that will spread

1 White ginger

1 Confederate Jasmine

2 maybe 3 NOID brugs in pots

What I've promised
1 pot of hot lips (to be shared between Marilyn and Elaine)
1 white ginger (Trish) (actually bringing you 2)
Elena EE kathy ann
Salvia/sage marilyn
Hardy begonias Kim
Small hosta marilyn
Persian shield trish and friend
Japanese iris - Sandra

What I've requested
1 heart of the Jungle EE - Kathy Ann

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North Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

To Give:

Leatherleaf Fern (1)
Ajuga with pink bloom (1)
Red Dragon--Trish--potted
Kim's Hybrid EE
Peacock Fern--Marilyn, Trish--potted

Would Like:
Sandra--Daff and Glad Bulb
Charlotte--Hardy Begonia

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Montrose, AR(Zone 8a)

Ok saving me a spot also, and going to see what I can pot up but its been sooo dry things are suffering.

5 Crinum Milk and wine(white with pink stripe)
5 Brugmansia(Angel Trumpet) NOID could either be Yellow(NOID) or Pink(Isabella)
2-3 St Josephs lilly
canna pretoria
fern noid tall & feathery
woodland phlox pink 2-3 ft tall
to be continued...

Looking For

Black EE (not illustris)
shorter variety canna or darker/ variegated foliage tall cannas
Jap/La Iris actually any iris TB BB MB

OK here is a list of what I have you all down for, if I missed something you asked for plz let me know

zinnia white

St Joseph lily (dug)
cannas (Dug)
Woodland phlox (dug)


woodland phlox (dug)
mexican petunia
illustris (dug)
coneflower (dug)
rosy returns (dug)
red mittens (dug)
gentle rose
bayou bride
beebalm (dug)
Brug Isabella (potted)

zinnia seeds


woodland phlox (dug)
zinnia seeds

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Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

Save me a spot. Planning to come and already looking to see what I can pot up. Hope it's not to hard and dry to dig. I may have to start now while we do have some rain to keep things moist. Should we post what kind of things we're looking for?

Ripley, MS

Yes, Elaine, post things you are looking for, I need to get rid of some things, Ihave too much to survive, the grass is killing things.

Booneville, MS

I'm not going to be able to post a list since I'm not sure how much digging I will be able to do. I am laid up right now with a sprained ankle, torn ligament and having trouble with my achilles. On crutches.
I wish I could bring a bunch. I have another big bed I am doing away with this fall plus I am cleaning out many of the the others beds to streamline them. If I can get to that I will bring some of the big things that I know people will want.
If you know of something I have in particular that you want, let me know and I will get it dug.


Ripley, MS

How did you hurt yourself?

Booneville, MS

Fell down the deck stairs with my ankle turned back under me. Lucky I didn't break it.
One of my coworkers asked me was I starting a new Olympics event. I told him yes and I had stuck my landing!


Ripley, MS

Oh Terry, that sounds very painful, are you working on crutches?

Booneville, MS

Not working at the hospital right now. I am working from home. I can't get around well enough yet. I hope to go back next week though.


Judsonia, AR(Zone 7b)

Hope you get back to normal soon Terrye. take if easy if you can.

North Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Aww so sorry, Terrye. Hurry and get well so you can join us!! Otherwise, we will all show up at your house! :-)

Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

Terrye, so sorry about your ankle. Get it healed and hope you will be at the RU!

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Terrrye hope you get that ankle well soon!!

Booneville, MS

Thanks, everybody! I'll be there . it is much better.

Isabella, MO(Zone 6b)

Saving a spot---just in case. . .

Sorry about your accident, Terrye! Get well soon!

Well, I just talked to Al and he said he would like to come to the RU, so it is official--we will be there! :o)

This is my list of things I will bring:

No ID iris: Trish and her friend,Cindy. Elaine, too. I will probably have extras, too

No ID daylilies: Trish and her friend, Cindy Also will have extras.

Moonflower (datura) seed pods: Genna? There will be extras

Hibiscus seed pods--deep rose color:

Calla Lilies: Cindy.. I will have extras of these, as well.

One Blueberry bush--just rooted.

This is the list of plants I am receiving from others: If your name is here, please check and see if I have everything correct as far as the plants you will be bringing to me. Thanks!

Kathy Ann: Sedum, monarda, Heart of the Jungle EE

Charlotte: Hot Lips Salvia; small hosta

Kim: Peacock fern

Trish: St. Joseph's Lily, Yellow canna, Woodland phlox, pink coneflower, zinnia seeds. Note to Trish--if you have not been able to get out and dig these up because of your leg, please don't worry about it. Just take care of you!

Sandra: purple phlox, dwarf fountain grass

Charlotte: Hot Lips Salvia

Elaine: Autumn Joy sedum, Echinacea Rubinstern, canna and maybe penstemon and clematis, if available.

Genna: Peppermint Schnapps Hibiscus and Indigo Spires Salvia

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Judsonia, AR(Zone 7b)

I have some goji berry rooted runners i can dig and pot if anybody wants some, but just an fyi it takes 3 to 5 years for these to produce berries, there are also conflicting stories on weather or not they need the pollenator plant to get fruit, I have the pollenator but it's not producing runners, and i'm not getting berries yet either, my plants are 3 years old this year. so with all that in mind if you still want some I can dig for you . ;0) I have to clear them out anyway, their getting too close to my blueberry bushes, and seems they like to put off runners, 3 feet away from the plant for some reason. I'll look around to see what else I have out there, I lost alot this year. I just know I have the goji berries because I saw them when I was watering them the other day.

Judsonia, AR(Zone 7b)

I just added a couple things in my offer list. Go look and see. I'd like to clear the lilies out as I have no full sun gardens to grow them in and their in large pots now.

Ripley, MS

Marilyn, I don't think I have any of the white, which is the David Phlox, I almost lost all of it, but I have plenty of purple if you want some of it, I will also bring you hot lips

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Sandra I have a big pot of Hot Lips that I rooted and I'll bring it. I cut mine back this summer and stuck a bunch of the clippings in a pot and they all lived. Just thought that might save you from having to dig it. It's actually enough that a couple of people could divide it.

Ripley, MS

Ok, Charlotte, that's great !

Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

I have a few hot lips started too that seem to be doing well, so there should be plenty of those! :) I had started mine for Marilyn and Crissy before the last get together at Kim's but they were not established enough to bring then. I had several other things doing well too but Leigh missed some pots while I was gone to Dallas and that 106+ temps did some of them in quickly!! I hope to get out this next weekend once we get the kids moved in and see what else I might can root.

I have lost all my monardas, my phlox (except I still have the purple from Sandra) and so if anyone has any of those to share, I would love to have some. KA, I will gladly take Lilies too because I have PLENTY of sun!! :) Sandra, I would even love another start of the purple if you have plenty....... I love it but it doesn't seem to increase much...I guess the mulch keeps it from doing so. I thought I could put a start in a different bed.

Ripley, MS

Ok, Gen !

Judsonia, AR(Zone 7b)

I will unpot them all before the RU and bring them all up there. there's plenty of them to go around. some came from the back bed that I stuck in a huge pot, I just never did plant them because I don't have alot of full sun left in my gardens.

Ripley, MS

Kathy Ann, any Japanese Iris left, I have just about lost all of mine ! I don't know why they are so hard for me and grow like weeds for you!

Ripley, MS

Here are a few things I can bring if anyone is interested

purple tall phlox
pineapple mint
dwarf fountain grass
sea oats grass
some mini daylilies, these are named, but names are not attached--I had to dig my whole mini bed up to get the grass out of it, and had a few left over when I replanted. I know I had Apricot Sparkles, Rosy Returns, When my Sweetheart Returns in there and a few more-but I did not even try to keep them separated, the zoysia grass was so bad, I had to seperate all the clumps to get all the roots out of the plants. Threw them all in a bucket.
Bulbs from a hardy glad-I call them apricot color
a few bulbs from the peruvian daffodil
ivy, variegated and solid color

So far on my list to bring
Genna --- purple tall phlox. Glad bulbs--daylilies
Marilyn --- purple tall phlox--dwarf fountain grass
Kim--hardy glad, daffodil
Trish--glad fountain. Grass, daylilies

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Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

Sandra, you know I will always take daylilies....and I would love to try a start of the hardy glad.....

Isabella, MO(Zone 6b)

Sandra, I would love some of the purple phlox! Thanks. and the fountain grass, too, if you have enough.

Thanks, Charlotte, for bringing the Hot Lips.

Little Rock, AR

OK, my garden isn't that big or great yet, but I do have a tropical bleeding heart (clerodendrum) I will try to root and pot up to bring.
You do have to overwinter it, and it looks like dried sticks sitting in your garage, but in the spring it leafs out and has the most lovely white and dark red blooms. It's mostly a shade plant too.

Judsonia, AR(Zone 7b)

I don't. Sorry Sandra. My huge clumps are reduced to just a sliver of a plant now. Water as much as I can and it's still not helping them. I don't think they like the part shade either.

Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

I would love to have some of that Hot Lips salvia if someone hasn't claimed all of it yet!

I haven't compiled my whole list and am not at home right now but I know I will have a few daylilies to divide, some Autumn Joy sedum, purple coneflowers, blackeyed susan, and a white Penstemon that has a deep green and reddish leaf. I forget what else I have to divide, but know I can bring cleome seeds if anyone wants them.


Ripley, MS

That's the way mine are too, just barely showing a blade or two. We may just have to let the northern folks grow those and be happy with our tall bearded !

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Elaine the pot of hot lips I have is enough for two people to share. You and Marilyn can share it. It's going to be a couple of weeks before I have time to dig anything. I'm like you all a lot of my stuff is just not as healthy as it usually is this time of year.
Some things I do know I will be able to bring are: white ginger, two different kinds of aguga, cloredendum (sp) bungii. The clorendendum can be invasive. I have a big clump in a pot and it does not spread that way. Do have some more that is not in a pot and it is spreading but is in an area that I don't mind it spreading. Will have to look around later.

Isabella, MO(Zone 6b)

Elaine, I would love to have a start of the Autumn Joy sedum. Kathy Ann had given me some a few years ago and I took some of it with me to Harrison, but unfortunately I didn't get any dug to bring with me to Missouri. Also, I would like a start of the purple coneflower, too. Thanks!

Ripley, MS

I forgot, that I also have a few of the Iris, that is short, I think it is the crested iris, it has a small purple bloom

Judsonia, AR(Zone 7b)

I haven't thought of this before , untill i saw your post about the sedum marilyn, but I hav etime to root you cuttings of quite a few different sedums if you want them. just let me know.

I also have some pineapple lily bulbs that I cannot keep growing , they need sun to bloom, i'm not putting in another flower garden EVER! My yard looks like crap. lol check my trade list periodically, I'll be adding things as I think of them.

Ripley, MS

I would like some Jacob Cline bee balm if anyone has any to share

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Sandra I don't have Jacob Cline but I do have Raspberry Wine. However it looks pitiful. One patch looks like it does when it first starts coming up and another patch just came up and sort of lost most of it's leaves. I had very few blooms and it normally blooms like crazy, I don't know what the problem is this year with blooms. It's not because of lack of water. My water bill was $300 last month! I'm rethinking some of the tropicals I've been carrying over. I've had very few blooms on my tropical hibiscus. Some are starting to bloom now but not that many blooms. Some don't have any buds at all and they are in full sun. Not worth the effort of saving them. Think I'm just going to overwinter my Cajun hibiscus and buy new hibiscus next year.. I've had hibiscus every year for over 25 years and this has been the worst year ever for them!!

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