Tomato problems (curled leaves, yellow spots, green inside)

Red Lodge, MT(Zone 4a)

The leaves of my tomato plant are curling up and most leaves are speckled yellow. Any idea if this is a disease, pest, or nutrient deficiency? I usually stick to perennials so tomatoes are new for me. The weather here has been extremely hot as of late (95+ most days) and it has also been rather humid. Also, I harvested the first ripe tomato from this plant yesterday. Although the tomato tasted ok, not great, but ok, the inside of it was green. I'm not sure which type of tomato this is (I lost the label) so perhaps it is normal, but I suspect something is wrong. Other than a couple of small to small-medium ones, the rest of the plant is filled with tiny tomatoes. Although it could have been mislabeled, I know that I didn't buy a plant that produces tiny tomatoes. Any help would be much appreciated.

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Rockford, IL

Try some miracle grow (all purpose plant food). Also the heat is a bit to much for it. try moving it into some shade, but make sure it still gets some sun. As for the tomatos being green inside i've only had that happen when i picked one and it wasn't ripe yet. make sure they are medium red when picked (no yellow, orange, or green). You also say that your getting cherry tomatos and not big ones. If you have any Cherry tomatos around the big ones they will cross pollenate, and you will get cherry tomatos. Try growing Gardeners Delight they taste great! I have the extra sweet kind.

Deep South Coastal, TX(Zone 10a)

You might want to post this on the tomatoes forum, there are some experts over there who will be able to help.

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