four o'clocks for best bloom

Boston, MA

I have tried four o'clocks "Broken Colors" : planted in 5-6 hours sun daily. Lots of blooms but very few open. ? Would like suggestions of varieties with better flowering opening behavior. Thanks for help.

Pretoria, South Africa


Four o'clocks open at night, and if you go out early in the morning you should see them in all their glory.


szarvas, Hungary

Elsa .... you're right! lol!
New colors:

Thumbnail by dany12 Thumbnail by dany12 Thumbnail by dany12 Thumbnail by dany12 Thumbnail by dany12
Pretoria, South Africa

Dany, the new colors are beautiful! Please save me a few seeds...


Boston, MA

great colors indeed-- have not seen open even at 6AM (EDT). however, these plants fgetull sun only from about 1-2PM on ---. perhaps that's an issue

Belleville , IL(Zone 6b)

I used to grow my fours along my driveway in Alabama in full sun in zone 7. I never had problems with them. They would open near dusk and still be open until about 10 am in the morning. My fours would be covered in blooms. I grew the kaleidiascope, single colors and the broken colors and the yellow and white which were called yellow custard I think. They would grow as perennials there.
I think they need lots of sun during the day. Since being back in Illinois the blooms are less plentiful in my partial sun garden area. A real disappointment as to what I was used to. But I will have to keep trying as they are one of my favorites.

(Pam) Warren, CT(Zone 5b)

I had some white four o'clocks this year in full sun, and they were spectacular. I'm cold-ish for my zone, maybe that's more like yours?

Greensboro, NC(Zone 7a)

I only planted 4 o'clocks once here about 15 yrs ago--the mix you can find at any garden center seed rack. Had decent plants and good blooms in full sun, though there was shade at the base of the plants. Never planted again but once hot deep pink plant formed rhizomes and returns each season. It has good years when it's large and full of blooms and others where it stays small and has fewer flowers but it's still going.

I collected seed from it and sent it out the first few seasons but stopped--funny that I've had no seedlings from all the fallen seeds:lol:

Greensboro, NC(Zone 7b)

I take it four o'clocks are not very invasive? I have some from Dollar General (I think kaleidoscope), and I thought they were invasive. I hope not. :)

Pretoria, South Africa

I pick off the seeds when they are ready (they will turn black, and become loose from the plant), and the few that do germinate, gets pulled while still young.

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