Newbie with broody hens

Guyton, GA(Zone 8b)

Looking for suggestions....all of my hens seem to be broody, but my orphington will set in the hen house in the heat instead of coming out when I let the other girls out in the afternoon. I hate it, she has to be roasting in there in this heat. Even if I run her out and take the eggs she takes off for a few minutes and then comes right back. She goes right back to where she was and sets in the empty nest box. She is young. Will she eventually figure out there are no eggs there as she get older and go with the rest of the girls? Even the dog going in the hen house won't budge her, they were both asleep in the hen house the other day, but then again they don't really act scared of her anyways. They hang out together in the afternoon playing in the water and the dog hides beside the pen when storms come. Any suggestions on how to get her out of there? I hate to totally shut the pen when I let them out. I feel like they need to have a safe spot they can go to.

Bridgewater, ME

If she is anything like my splash orpington that went broody a few weeks ago GOOD LLUCK!! She sat on eggs then smothered the chicks because she was a first timmer and didn`t know enough to raise up a little.So I took the rest of the eggs and put them under another broody to finish hatching and put her out side.She kept comming back in and sitting in the box with no eggs for a few day with me continually putting her outside,finally I put her in a pen all by herself for a day and all she did was pace ,so I thought well there she is broke,I let her out and off she run for the nestting box again.So the next day she spent the day and night in the pen and part of the next day and let her out and same thing again. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I put two frozen soda bottle under her in the nesting box and thought that would cure her nope she thawed them out and was happpy as a clam to have something to sit on.So back to the pen she went for another day and when I let her out this time I waited for her with a squirt bottle of water and everytime she came near the box I squirted her and off she would run.But I couln`t stand there all day(to hot) so whenever I went to the coop and she was in the box I would squirt her till she came out,did that for a couple days and finally got her broke.And that is my long story. lol

Richmond, TX

I tried ice packs in the nest box with a broody too and with equal lack of success - but at least I knew she wasn't too hot... I generally ignore my stubborn broodies; I just take away all the eggs and wait for them to give up, which they all do eventually.

Guyton, GA(Zone 8b)

I think I may just put ice packs in there to keep her cool since it sounds like it is a hard to win battle. Stubborn hen!

(Zone 6b)

I've been locking my silkies in a large dog crate in my garage with a fan on them. Seems about three days and they give up.

Guyton, GA(Zone 8b)

I finally gave up and am letting her set on three of the eggs. I guess I will see what happens here within the next few weeks. I am going to have to get tough though, I can't give in every time one gets broody! She has been such a sweetie. I am actually able to love on her some and when I do take her off the eggs for a bit she follows me around the yard, not long though, she heads right back to that nest pretty quick!

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