ANSWERED: Is It Too Late To Plant Hydrangeas in Zone 7?

Berwyn Heights, MD

I am in Zone 7, it's been a hot summer. I have been growing tomato plant and carrots, carrots are sprouting and tomato plant just starting to get some real tomatoes on it. But, I've wanted to plant hydrangeas, they are so beautiful. I was wondering it it was too late in the summer to plant them?

I know these are perennials so I would love to plant them this season so next summer they'll be coming back into bloom. But, I don't know what I would do with them during Winter.

It's been an especially hot summer in the region that I'm in, so do you think because of the weather it will still be warm enough in august to plant some hydrangeas?

If it's too late i'll just buy some potted ones and care for those for a while if i can't plant them.


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