please identify this spider

Bloomfield Hills, MI

very cool spider. been living on the deck for a few months. watched him spin a web tonight and was wondering what he/she is. about an inch around, black and tan with two white spots on the abdomen. hairy legs. we call him boris as in boris the spider by The Who. he finished his web and i blew a little puff of air on him and he kinda balled up and violently jumped around without moving in the web.(shown in last photo)

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(Zone 7a)

An Orbwevaer. Possibly this one...

I love these.

Bloomfield Hills, MI

thanks a lot. its a really cool spider. good to find out about it.

(Zone 7a)

Very interesting to watch them. Yours is a female. I have one that had babies last year for me.

Corona, NY

To me that doesn't look like a Orb Weaver because the belly markings don't match. I had a similar looking spider hanging over my front door last night, sadly no longer there after it rained. I would like to identify it. Looks like a brown widow but belly markings also don't match.

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Corona, NY

A friend send me the link to this photo of a Orb Weaver, and though it's markings look more elaborate, taking a better look at it I can see that the markings are very similar to both the photos of the spider on this thread and to the photo of my spider, so I guess it is a Orb Weaver spider, just maybe not fully developed yet so it's markings are not as flashy yet.

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(Zone 7a)

It is an Orbweaver, just may not be that particular one. There a many different kinds.

Minot, ND

The ventral markings appear consistent with those of orb weavers in the genus Neoscona. The orb weaving family (Araneidae) is a very large one, and not all look alike.

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