harvesting canna seed?

Saint Peters, MO

I want to harvest the seeds from my cannas but am not sure if I take the (I don't know what it's called) - it's round with bumps and almost hard fuzzy things on it - I'm calling it a seed capsule, but I'm sure it has a name (ovule maybe?) Anyway, do I wait until it turns brown and kind of hard or do I take it off while it's still green?

Also, I know the seeds are various sizes... what's the smallest one anyone knows of?

Thanks, Jeanne

Calgary, Canada

My cannas have not produced seeds yet.
I think that I would not harvest them while green.
I would be waiting until the capsule turned brown.
Perhaps someone with more experience will come on line,
and give you a better answer.

In Ian Cooke's book on Cannas, he says the seed is not ripe until the capsule is brown and brittle.
The seeds are then dark brown almost black.
Most canna seeds are about the size of peas or a little larger.

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Center, TX

gardenjeannie, I just harvested some canna seeds and they are dry and dark brown. They are about the size of english peas. But when do I plant them? Do I need to straitify them in the frig? Someone tell me what to do. Thanks alda

Calgary, Canada

When you are ready to sprout them, you must nick them
and then soak them for two days.
But keeping seeds in the 'frig is a good idea for any seed.

Arroyo Grande, CA(Zone 9a)

I have been growing canna from seed this year. I remove them from the plants when the "pod" splits on it's own. Then I put them in a open container until they dry some so they don't mold. If you plan on keeping them for some time the frig is a good place as it will keep them from drying out too much. The sooner they are planted the better. I don't nick them and you certainly don't need to cold stratify them as they are semi-tropical and don't naturally live where it gets cold. If you plant them immediately they seem to do best. I pot them up in my unheated greenhouse in gallon pots and they germinate quickly, within two weeks.

St. Annaparochie, Netherlands

My Canna let fall the seeds spontaneously. The seedpod is still green and fresh. Is there someting wrong with my Canna?

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Arroyo Grande, CA(Zone 9a)

I am no expert but maybe they aren't getting pollinated? I have this happen sometimes too.
And sometimes there will be 12 seeds in the dried pot and sometimes only 2, that seems like it has to do with pollination to me.

St. Annaparochie, Netherlands

Domehomedee: i think you are right. I opened a seedpod and found very small Grains. I am afraid the bees dont like this one. My otter Canna's have big seedpods.

cullman, AL(Zone 7b)

Not every canna will set seeds.. The new hybrid type will never get seeds..

Calgary, Canada

That is good to know.

cullman, AL(Zone 7b)

ya lol my first year with tropicanna's i tried everything to get seeds.. Even had pollinating then found out they dont seed lol.. Boy did i ever feel silly..

Calgary, Canada

So now I had better take good care of the root when the foliage dies off.
I have two that were labelled as Tropicana. One has red striped leaves,
but has not flowered yet. The other has green leaves and pink flowers.

St. Annaparochie, Netherlands

I have grown this canna from seeds. makes that difference?

Calgary, Canada

If you grew it from seeds then one would think it would give seeds.
Some hybrids of other plants are sterile so it makes one wonder if some cannas are also sterile?


didn't know you could harvest the seeds. thanks. I am going to try that.

Coal Center, PA(Zone 6a)

That is the seed capsule, not the seeds. That capsule does not look it pollinated.
That small flower variety will most likely produce seeds. The plant may need more maturity.
Or better weather conditions. Give it a little more time to see what it does.

St. Annaparochie, Netherlands

Hi Abutilon,
This Canna had lot of flowers, this year. It is the first year,grown from seeds. Maybe it will give seeds next year. Thanks for your answer.

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