is this seed?

Saint Peters, MO

I have some lillies that bloomed beautifully this year. Many of them have a bulbus thing at the end of the stem and out of curiousity I broke one off and split it open. It has things inside it that look like seed, but I'm really new to all of this and just don't know. So here's a picture... are the tiny things inside this seeds and do I just let them dry out and try to plant them next season?

Thumbnail by GardenJeanne
Büllingen, Belgium(Zone 6b)

The tiny things inside are indeed the seeds, but they are not ripe. If there is another seedpod left leave it on the plant until it has turned brown and starts to open. That's the perfect time to gather ripe seeds.


Saint Peters, MO

cool - thanks! there are a bunch of pods left so I'll just keep an eye on them for when to harvest!

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