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grass on slope not accepting water due to clay based soil sod when planted, water just runs off and weeds are grwing in dead areas. want to replace area 6ft by 50 ft. when dug up do i replace with soil then seed or resod with different base please advise thank you lawn in r.i.

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Did you just want to replace with grass again? Or are you looking to revamp the whole thing with plants/flowers/shrubs, etc?

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

Iis difficult to care for a new flat lawn area at this time of year due to the hot waether so it is not surprising the grass / turf on the slope has given poor new root growth, you dont say the gradient of the slope but even IF it does not rise sharply, any plants that are set out on a slope at the hight of summer will find it hard to get hold of enought water by fact that dry soil has a crust on the top making the water run off fast.
For turf /sod to be able to take hold at the roots, the soil needs to be firm under but raked to a fine tilth just about half inch of the top, this is to help the CUT roots to bed into a softer area that will hold some moisture is what is required.

For me, the best choise to grass a slope would be to do it with seed (lawn seed of your choice) this way you can see the grass begin to shoot, you can control the watering needed for a new grass developement and also you can wait till the end of summer Around end September / early october when the heat of the summer has almost gone but the soil will still be warm enough.
Do remeber IF you have to feed the top soil before you spread the grass seed, never add more feed to a new lawn, it doues not need anything but water for the first 2-3 months IF at all till early next spring, dont be tempted to use greenup's lawn boost's weed killers etc untill the lawn has had time to toughen up it's greenery, weeding can be dealt with next spring when the grass has hardened over winter, any bare patches can be reseeds and treated in the same way if required next year, sewing seed is much less expensive than doing turf / sod for very little care if done at the right time, here in UK we never do new lawns either seed or turf after April or before end of summer, the soil is too warm and watering is too much work AND not always able to be taken down to the roots.
Best of luck WeeNel.

Milton, MA

Quote from flowAjen :
Did you just want to replace with grass again? Or are you looking to revamp the whole thing with plants/flowers/shrubs, etc?

sorry about late response, grass again, will reseed Oct 15th, any advice on preparation? thanks

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