Pre-emergent ?

Spring City, TN

In the spring if I use pre-emergent to cut down on the weed population in my flower beds, that will stop echinacea and black eyed susan etc seeds from germinating as well, right?

So what if I didn't use it until I figured all the perennial flower seeds that were going to had already germinated, and THEN use it to help control weeds????

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

You're right, it'll prevent any seeds from germinating not just the weeds. So once your seeds have germinated then you're fine using the pre-emergent. Only catch is, a lot of the weed seeds will probably germinate around the same time as the seeds you're trying to grow before you've been able to use the pre-emergent, so its effectiveness may be limited. But if you tend to get a lot of weed seeds sprouting later in the season then it can still help control the later ones.

Spring City, TN

Thanks, that's what I thought. I get a new crop of weeds with every rain.

Now if I could only find a simple solution for viney weeds.....

Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

I asked the same question once etnredclay....the response...."apply concrete liberally throughout the garden"....not much help, but point taken....grin

Spring City, TN

Well, Moonhowl, that's exactly my response to dogs digging holes in the yard -- concrete. Eventually you will have a really big PATIO. LOLOLOLOL.

Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

LOL...but it did bring to mind the old song "They paved Paradise to put in a parking lot".

Gilmer, TX(Zone 8b)

I used PREEN heavily every 2 to 3 months this spring primarily because last year's drought brought in a whole lot of weeds during times we had lots and lots of daily wind. I found that it is not 100% effective, and I believe that it can only removed probably 85-90 % of the sprouting weeds at beds. My coneflowers and many other seeded perennials and annuuals DID make seedlings which I transplanted to new locations. I still had to pull weeds regularly, but less than it would have been without PREEN.

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