Tropical Hibiscus: Jagged Leaf edges, Curling, Bumps (Pics)

Lady's Island, SC(Zone 8b)

A few days ago I noticed that on one of my potted tropical Hibiscus plants that new leaves were curling/cupping and they had what looked like blisters or bumps on the leaves. Some leaves have jagged edges as well. I also noticed a bud was partially brown/mushy and the stem of it was yellow. Another bud was yellow before blooming. I opened both and didn't see any pests. This morning I saw a tiny bug on one of the leaves. I tried to get a good pic of it which I include in this post.

On another tropical Hibiscus (Cajun Spice) is planted in the ground. The first bud it had about a month ago turned yellow and fell of before blooming. The leaves are kind of mottled and have not had any blooms since. Could it be Chlorosis? (Close up pic of leaf included.)

Any advice is appreciated. :)

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Brisbane, Australia

Your hibiscus jagged edge leaves may indicate a broad mite problem. I had a similar problem 18 months ago and finally eradicated them with several applications of wettable sulphur.

Lady's Island, SC(Zone 8b)

Thanks, Allan...I will check out information on broad mites and see if that is what is causing the jagged leaves.

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