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Yellow Birch and Soil/Water Needs

Maynard, MA

I've had my heart set on planting 2 yellow birches this fall. Now I'm wondering if the soil here is moist enough for them. My "tree bible"--Bill Cullina's Native Trees, Shrubs, and Vines--says that Yellow Birch needs moist to moderately wet soil and that it's native to rich woods, which I live very near to. But I'm not sure how moist the soil is. It's been a dry-ish summer here this year ( but not a drought).

In researching this, I've discovered that the average annual rainfall for my area is 43.8"/year. Also, we average126 days of wet weather/ year, which includes days when precipitation amounts to 0.01 inches (0.25 millimetres) or more. Still, I don't know if this says anything about whether my soil is moist enough.

I'm relatively new to this home and haven't planted in the backyard yet, which is where the birches would go. The soil in the front tends to be sandy, so I would assume the backyard is similar, though I'm not yet sure.

Does anyone have experience with yellow birches growing (or not growing!) in these conditions? I would greatly appreciate your feedback.


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