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Oklahoma City, OK

I had always assumed I just had a bunch of sweet potato vine, but this year I started to notice all the different shaped leaves. I have posted five pictures of different vines, I didn't want to do five different posts. If it's too confusing let me know if I need to do all seperate posts. Thank You!

zone 7a
Pic # 1&2 are in full sun.
Pic #3 is mainly growing in areas where it gets part sun
Pic #4 is growing under a maple tree,
Pic #5 is on a fence line that only gets a small amount of filtered sun.

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Syracuse, UT(Zone 7b)

1 looks like a smilax sp.
4 (and maybe 3) is snailseed -- Cocculus carolinus

Syracuse, UT(Zone 7b)

2 is perhaps wild grape?

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Lee's Summit, MO(Zone 6a)

#1 doesn't look like the Smilax growing in my area. It looks like milkweed vine to me.

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 9a)

I thought 4 was Smilax. :-) LOL! What do I know?!!?

Syracuse, UT(Zone 7b)

Well there is an easy way to solve that, cut open 1 and if it leaks white sap it's milkweed vine.

Syracuse, UT(Zone 7b)

Perhaps 5 is round leaf vine -- Legnephora moorei, although it's rather far from home...

Barbourville, KY(Zone 7a)

If the leaves of 5 were a little shinier I would say Dioscorea bulbifera.

Syracuse, UT(Zone 7b)

I thought the same thing but they lack the tapered tip as well.

Barling, AR(Zone 7b)

Could #2 be wild cucumber vine, Echinocystis lobata ?

Syracuse, UT(Zone 7b)

Oh I can't believe I forgot wild cucumber, I do believe you've nailed that one, it does inhabit that area.

Oklahoma City, OK

ok, so far I know #1 isn't milkweed.
I'm thinking #5 is probably a type of smilax, I initially thought it looked like the Bristly Greenbriar (smilax something or other) that keeps coming up in my flower bed. I didn't know the botanical name til now.

Just looking through google images I can see smilax and snail seed in all of them except #2 lol.

Haven't had a chance to look into wild cucumber for 2 but I didn't see wild grape in it. I do think I found two types of wild grape vine in my yard.
Hopefully I'll have more time to research later today, but right now I have a two year old boy demanding my attention!

Opp, AL(Zone 8b)

Compare #1 to Polygonum and buckwheat.

Syracuse, UT(Zone 7b)

you know 5 could be snailseed even.
its very similar to the arboreal snailseed I see around my house (vs. the sprawling ground creeper), kind of like how english ivy has the 3-5 point leaves on the ground and more heart shaped as it matures, usually in the air.

(The last one is wilted a bit because I cut it yesterday.)

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