Finally caught up to this one!

Mulberry, FL

I really like these too bad the butterflies love them finally a flower they leave a little. Really like the Dutch Man's Pipe vines

Thumbnail by Danasplants
Cape Coral, FL(Zone 10a)

Dana - I love the bloom. I have two of them myself, I just think they are so unique. I found a herd of cats on mine the other day.

Thumbnail by floridabunnie
Mulberry, FL

Yes thats there food I grow them to have the butterflies around/

Washington, MO(Zone 5b)

Where can I find seeds of this vine. I definitely want it. Do you find plants in any of the nurseries? I did not see any reference to them in my seed catalogs. I realize that they must be tropical since you are in Fl. I would need to take them inside in the winter. I have a mud room that works for that. Any help appreciated.

Lee's Summit, MO(Zone 6a)

Kale, I just took cuttings of mine a week ago - don't know if they will root or not, but send me a dmail and I'll let you know if they do.

You might be my Brother's neighbor - he lives in Parmentier Estates, there in Washington, Mo.

Lafayette, IN(Zone 5a)

Aristolochia grandiflora

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