My Husband is keeping this Large Brown Spider as a pet!!!

Braddock Hills, PA

Please tell me what this spider is and if it is poisonous. My husband caught it because it was coming out every night right by the backdoor and it would make a web and catch the bugs by our back porch light. I could barely let the dogs out because I was so scared of it. He caught it in a large plastic container and STILL has it as if it is a pet! He keeps it in the back of his pickup truck cause I won't let him bring it in the house. I am terrified of spiders and would like to know what I am dealing with. In case there are more out back.... Thanks in advance!

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Anne Arundel,, MD(Zone 7b)

very common, not poisonous.

Braddock Hills, PA

But do you know what kind it is?

Charleston, SC

It is an orb weaver in the family Araneidae, possibly of the genus Neoscona (Spotted Orbweavers), like this one:

Nearly every spider you will ever see is venomous, but there are only a couple on our entire continent (out of about 4,000) that are dangerous to people. None that build orb webs are dangerous to people (or even pets). No need to be terrified. There is nothing here to "deal with". I recommend watching the incredible life cycle of this spider and enjoying the bonus of having your own insect removal service on your porch.

For great information, please review the "sticky" threat at the top of this forum about spider bites.

Braddock Hills, PA

Thank you both so much. Whew!

(Zone 7a)

What Flatpicket said. Has your husband let it free?

Braddock Hills, PA

Nope. Just went off to the fire station. Still has it in the back of the truck :)

(Zone 7a)

Poor thing needs to eat. Maybe you could suggest he let her go around the station?

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