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SOLVED: Need shrub ID

Barling, AR(Zone 7b)

This small shrub appeared in my side yard several years ago and I moved it to te front area. It has done well and I would like to know its identity.

Thumbnail by C_A_Ivy Thumbnail by C_A_Ivy Thumbnail by C_A_Ivy Thumbnail by C_A_Ivy
Worcester, MA

does it bloom?

Barling, AR(Zone 7b)

No blooms. What you see is what you get.

Charlotte, NC(Zone 8a)

Might be a young mulberry -- their leaves are quite variable, and the different species hybridize easily. Won't flower or fruit until it gets bigger, but grows rapidly to bush size.

See here for some similar looking leaves, just as an example:

If you rub your finger across the upper leaf surface, does it feel scratchy/hairy?

Scott County, KY(Zone 5b)

Looks a lot like a Morus species - more like Morus rubra with the apparently thick textured foliage.

Is there any fuzz on the young stems?

Barling, AR(Zone 7b)

Thanks for the input. I was out for the day so a belated response. I agree that it looks like minature mulberry leaves. They are rough, scratchy on the upper surface but no hairs on the new stems . I am familar with both red and white mulberries.They grow like weeds here with very rapid growth. I have to dig up several volunteers a year for disposal. My neighbors mulberry tree, since it germinated, has grown over12 feet in three years. My shrub is over 4 years and is about 3 feet high and bushy in appearance. It only grows a few inches a year. A dwarf mulberry?

Barling, AR(Zone 7b)

Note in pic 2 that there is no main stem or trunk but several stems. Also I dont recall that It had a yellowish orange root when I transferred it several years ago..My experience with mulberries is a yellowish root.

Barling, AR(Zone 7b)

Anymore input or advice. Dwarf Morus rubra?

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