CLOSED: Really tiny flying insects in bathroom

I noticed that there are really really tiny brown/black translucent flying/hopping insects in my bathroom. They don't usually fly around, they just sort of chill on the walls/tiles/floor and flies (or kinda do short distance hops) when you try to distract them. I don't think they're harmful, its just that they're annoying because they're growing in numbers. I spent a week already just to google and identify what they are and the results keep pointing me to "drain flies". But they don't look like drain flies. It seems drain flies are bigger in size as compared to them. This is the reason why the picture I took is kind of blurry. They're really really tiny and if anyone could please help me identify what they are so that I can find a home remedy to get rid of them.

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BTW, a lot of them usually come out at night. And they just chill on the toilet seat, basically all around the toilet. :|

Thanks! Please help me identify.

Minot, ND

Moth flies, aka drain flies - harmless nuisance pests.

Thanks Flapdoodle! But, the images of drain flies in the internet seem bigger and more visible. These guys are really, really tiny. Like a speck of dirt. Are there several species of moth/drain flies? Because, I think what I see in our office's restroom looks more like drain flies and they're way bigger than the ones in my bathroom. These pests in my bathroom are even smaller than a grain of rice. Or maybe half a grain of rice. Thanks for the help, man!

Here is a clearer image of the insect I'm talking about. They cooperated very well and posed for the camera. Thanks in advance, guys!

Thumbnail by severedsea Thumbnail by severedsea
Minot, ND

They certainly look like tiny moth flies - I have seen some extremely small species myself, but never indoors.

Thanks! :)

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