Aloe vera plant question

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Someone recently left an aloe vera plant to me. I was wondering what steps i should take to maintain the plant. It is currently in a small pot, due to its small size, in full sun. Should it be re-potted?

central, NJ(Zone 6b)

If it's still small the pot should be fine, as it grows you'll need to repot

Check out the comments for care

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

I can only grow these plants either in my conservatory or the greenhouse where I have to grow tomato's pepers and other plants classed as tender to us here in UK, I do put them outside come summer but first sign of temp drop at night I have to bring them inside, such a bother phew !!!!.

The best results I have had with the Aloe Vera is by mixing my own soil mixture, I use 2 hand trowel scoops of Multi purpose compost + 1 scoop of very fine gravel (bought from garden center) + 1/2 scoop of Vemiculite to help hold a LITTLE moisture, mix this all together and pot up the plant into a larger pot, dont jump too big a difference sizewise,as that would make the plant have to sit in cooler and wetter compost as the roots wont have grown enough to merrit huge pot. Because the plants are in such well drained compost after repotting I would wait a few weeks then give a half strength houseplant liquide feed, another thing to mention is dont allow the plant to sit in a saucer of water after watering about 30 min later pour away any excess water left in the saucer. I dont have my Aloe in direct sunlight INdoors but outside they are fine.
Remember they get new little plants growing fron under the soil, once they are large enough to cut away WIth root, repot and treat like parent plant.
You will know when to water as the leaf looks and feels soft and sponge like.
Good luck WeeNel.

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