CLOSED: What are these critters?

Fort Pierce South, FL

These little white guys were all over the outside of my house but now im finding them inside. On walls, in between picture frames, they really have no manners. They didnt even knock first :( They have long antennas and are all the same size, smaller then a dime. they are white with black legs and sort of spotted. Cant get a clearer picture and cant find anything online. Just need to know if i should worry!!

Thumbnail by xoxbrianaxox
Minot, ND

It's a weevil, possibly a recently introduced invasive species -

Fort Pierce South, FL

You friend, are my hero. I was set on it being a white oak borer beetle because i couldn't find anything else! Thank you so much for easing my mind! I was going crazy. These guys seem to be spreading pretty quickly because im north of the areas listed that they have been found in. I cant find much else on them so im not sure if they are a danger to my pantry, looks like just my garden. I accidentally killed one while trying to catch it, now that i know its harmless i feel really bad:(

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