Unknown Beetle infestation tonight

Campion, CO

Hello all! I live in Northern Colorado and just moved into a new house. We were sitting on the back porch tonight and it literally started to 'rain' these tiny beetles. They are no longer then the tip of a pen and are all black. They seem to jump but not fly. From my research they are not a flea of any kind but we can't find any information on what they could be. The closest I got was the Pollen Beetle. Any help would be much appreciated so we can figure out how to deter them from invading the back deck! I have included a picture of one of them but there were literally hundreds of them that showed up all of a sudden when it got dark and we turned the light on. Thank you so much for your help! -Tiffanie

Thumbnail by rhapsodyinbloo
Minot, ND

Image too small to be certain, but this looks like a very small dung beetle in the subfamily Aphodiinae - http://www.pbase.com/tmurray74/image/124097853Do you line in or adjacent to a rural area?

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