Showing off some new plants...

Chicago Suburbs, IL(Zone 5b)

I finally worked up the nerve to try some adeniums. I ordered 2 A. arabicums and 1 A. obesum. They are just little guys but I like watching things grow.

I also recently picked up a climbing onion. After re-potting it and giving it some water it started sending out some new shoots.

Thumbnail by plexippus Thumbnail by plexippus Thumbnail by plexippus Thumbnail by plexippus
Yardley, PA

How exciting! It is fun watching the growth. When they are little they usually grow fast. The climbing onion sure grows fast. Thanks for sharing.

Decatur, GA

I am a big fan of Adeniums. Plus adenia and anything else that grows a caudex. Nice plants plexippus. Have fun growing them big!! The climbing onion will split into two and then again and so forth.
Here is some of my stuff next to the pond. I had to move very thing while the build me a bigger deck!!! I think of the plants as being at summer camp.

Thumbnail by helenchild
Yardley, PA

Helen, they look so happy and healthy. Some nice, big plants. What are your favorites?

Sun Lakes, AZ(Zone 9b)

Yes, Helen, you have wonderful plants. They seem to be thriving in s-h.

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