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Thought I would post a few new Daylilies I got.

Moline, IL(Zone 5a)

Since my mom passed away a year ago July, I had to sell the house and move to a smaller place. My family convinced me to leave my beloved daylilies behind because they felt it would bring up the value of the house. I have since found out that the new owner has been purchasing new daylilies to add to the ones I left behind. So now that I have my new place I thought I would post some of the new ones I purchased. Strawberry Candy, Omomuki, and Prairie Wildfire.

Thumbnail by SueME Thumbnail by SueME Thumbnail by SueME
Melvindale, MI(Zone 5a)

Very nice!!!

Gainesville, FL(Zone 9a)

O that yellow is so happy. Hope its the start of a great new garden.

Hazel Crest, IL(Zone 5a)

SueMe," time is the master". If I decided to move I would take my personal favorites without making a mess. LOL! Mike

Melvindale, MI(Zone 5a)

Me too Mike. I probably would leave a few but I would want to take most of them with me.

Santa Ana, CA(Zone 10b)

I think I would be happy to know the new owner loved Daylilies, and didn't pull them all out and trash them. It's got to be fun to start over with a clean slate, but hurt to know that your babies were not appreciated. I always shudder when I see a plant/division I've given to a neighbor abused.
Your new ones are very nice!

Casper, WY(Zone 4a)

Sue, I love STRAWBERRY CANDY. I have a similar colored one.

I could never again leave behind DL's or irises. I would at least take a division of each. That's what my daughter did when she sold her house and moved to the boonies. The new owner was not a gardener.

I had to leave both, plus other plants when we moved from Massachusetts, to Nebraska during the late 70's. Then during the 90's, I had to leave both plants and greenhouse when I divorced the bum and moved to Wyoming.

Life goes on and now I have more than double what I had back then in both DL and irises.

Carmi, IL(Zone 6b)

So pretty!

Halifax, MA(Zone 6a)

That is so nice that the new owner of your previous house is getting into daylilies herself. So often it is not the case that someone who buys a place will keep the previous owner's landscaping and flowers in. I'm glad to hear that this one did. I would be loath to leave my babies behind, but if a potential new owner said they wanted to keep my plantings, then I would just go in and take some of each one to bring with me, and leave most of the clump behind.

Blomma, that's such a shame that you had to leave so much behind, but great that you now have so much more.


McGregor, IA(Zone 4b)

I agree about asking the new owner whether they would like to keep "some" of the daylilies.

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