Splitting. Cracking and creatures on toms

Montreal, QC(Zone 5b)

Hi everyone. I need advice. A couple of things.
I'm worried that all my tomatoes are going to crack, split or be eaten alive by some alien insect!

So I've been experiencing cracking and I'm being careful about watering and then we had a lot of rain starting Thursday and Friday. Just went out to check, and voila, some have split! As well I found what looks like droppings on some leaves where I had found some skinny little critter and a couple of small tomatoes had been attacked. I sprayed with an insecticidal soap but don't know if it's going to work.
I'm removing all tomatoes that have any cracks in them. At this point I might have to harvest most of them and hope for the best.
Also. GoldMedal toms. I was given a couple of them. They are tall and lush, a few tomatoes
that are getting large, and lots of flowers becoming fruits. I think I should cut off tops. Any hopes I will actually get to eat any of these babies???
Jnette, Linda, DG the whole gang,I know we've been down this road but I don't want to lose the bunch!
Thanks, Sharon
Anyone with advice, please. I live in Montreal.

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