Hibiscus rosa sinensis seeds got eaten inside out by worms!

Broward County, FL(Zone 10b)

Hello, as I posted in the pest thread:
Buried the seeds 2 weeks ago with a new opened MG seed starting mix and new opened bag of perlite, mixed equal parts. Within 7 days 2 sprouted and today I got suspicious because none followed. All the other seeds have little holes in them and the ones which weren't totally hollow yet, had 2 or 3 tiny skinny translucent worms in them. In the picture you can see the worm and another in the seed. They were completely translucent, no black heads as it might appear in the pic (that's just a spec of dirt).
Now what happened? Were they in the soil and went in the seeds? That's what I'm thinking and I'm quite angry because those were valuable seeds. Anyone ever had the same issue or know what this is?

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Winterville, GA(Zone 7b)

Hi, Birke,
I have the same issue with some kind of weevil that eats my seeds from the inside out leaving holes. This year, after collecting my seeds I left them in a ziploc baggie and waited to seed if the same thing would happen as in previous years. After a couple of weeks sure enough, I checked the baggie and there were tiny black bugs/beetles with tiny white worms coming out of some of the seeds. So I took the bag and stuck it in my freezer for a few days. That seems to have taken care of the problem, but now I have to see if the seeds are still viable. I know the ones with the holes are no good, but hopefully I saved enough of the seeds from the weevils.

Broward County, FL(Zone 10b)

Hi tausnow, are those hibiscus rosa sinensi or the moscheutus? I read about the weevil as a predator for the moscheutus seeds, but didn't find any info for the sinensis seeds problem I have.
Interesting that you mention white worms. Are they translucent white or plain white?

Winterville, GA(Zone 7b)

Mine are the moscheutus seeds and the worms could have been translucent...didn't look at them that closely. Still haven't had a chance to see if they are still viable though. Very busy in the garden right now trying to save what's left from the deer.

(Ang) Bremerton, WA(Zone 8b)

birke, that worm looks like a fungus gnat larva. Any little black buggies flying around your pots?

Edited to add: They may have come with the bag of soil. The last three bags of MG I bought had fungus gnats.

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