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Can't repot because of space.

Larsen, WI(Zone 5a)

Hello everyone! I need to figure out what I should do if the only outdoor placement of my Plumies is on a small deck. Can I dig them out of the pot and then repot them in the same pot since I have very limited space?

Please let me know....

Thanks much

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New Port Richey, FL

Barry, I'm no expert on Plumerias but in general I have found that plants that aren't given room to grow and adequate care don't perform very well. I'm one of those people that if I want 1 I root several then I have your dilema. I solve the problem by giving the surplus to family and friends. That way if something happens to mine I know where to get more cuttings. 2 or 3 happy plants will produce more foliage and flowers than 7 or 8 stressed ones. The hardest job in gardeing is culling out the weak and surplus.

Lee's Summit, MO(Zone 6a)

Plumerias can be taken out of the pot, the soil washed from the roots and stored in a dark, cool closet. If you don't have room for the pots during growing season, that's another matter and Susie is right - donate them to someone who DOES have room for an adequate pot OR extend your deck.

Larsen, WI(Zone 5a)


North Augusta, SC(Zone 8a)

Same problem; considering raised bed and drop pot (plunge) against house. You can make the bed very dense I notice and get lots of plants in small space. 1 foot apart?

Vieques, PR

As a disciple of the inestimable tapla, I'd suggest you try creating more "space" in the same size pot, by re-potting into an optimal mix. Doubly good might be "same-size" but deeper pots.

You should refer to tapla's incredibly valuable posts for full detail, but the optimal mix would contain materials (notably, "turface") which afford maximum root oxygenation. To a plant, more oxygenation space in the same pothas the same effect as a larger pot. Deeper pots would have the additional benefit of lowering the perch level, so perched water takes up less of the oxygenation zone. Either option on its own would work; both together would work at least twice as well.

Hail, tapla! http://davesgarden.com/community/forums/t/1073399/

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